Tuesday, September 30, 2008

oh baby baby nice nice babe'

That was the song I worked out to this morning in body sculpting class. Along with ice ice baby and other oldies. It was a trip down high school lane. I am so proud of myself. It is now three weeks going strong. I see and feel a difference. I do not have a scale so do not know how much I have lost and don't really care about that. I just need to look better.
So I was a big show off today. Since I advanced to the 5 pound dumbbell I thought I would push myself a little. Well the other women had 8 pound dumbbells and there weren't anymore. I could resort to the 10 or 12 pound and the 10 pounder won. I had the 3, 5 and 10 pound weights. So we had to squat and and do some lifting only on the left side. I had to pull my elbow back and then down again. We also had to change to lifting the arm straight out to the side. I used the 10 pound weight and felt real good. I kept thinking that I would soon get the Hollywood stars arms. I had this vision and worked through the pain. When we had to work the right arm I almost died. I could barely lift the 10 pounds weight. I reached for the 5 pound one. Half way through working out the right arm I could not help but think about this silly thing. Okay you know how it is the truth that is rarely spoken. Most women have one boob smaller than the other. Well I kept thinking if I continued this way with different weights my one arm would be bigger and I would look weird. I have got to strengthen that right arm. I am not left handed so what is up with that ?
I had to skip the mat Pilate's today as Priyasha always looks forward to story time at the library. We raced home and I took a much needed shower, It was 9:45 and I had 15 to get out of the house. I raced and got dressed. I stripped as I ran across to the bathroom from the front door. It looked like a hot scene out of a movie. The only thing hot about it was the shower. LOL !!! Behind me was little Priyasha copying me. It was funny to see her naked too but I had no time to let her take a shower with me. I left home at 10:00 and had 15 min to get to the library. I was a few min late but all was well. After that we went out to Indian food for lunch. I met a few other moms. One of them I met a few weeks ago at the library. I have only talked with her twice at the library. She has a two year old little boy and is expecting her second child. We got to know each other and I learned that she was married to an Indian guy for 10 years before they got divorced. We talked about the different ways to cook Indian food and I was impressed by how much she knew and she was American. She has a real interest and I may teach her a few things.
It was a crazy morning and the afternoon was no different. Priayasha fell asleep in the car on the way home and while she slept I planned dinner. I husked the corn on the cob and prepared Chicken Parmesan. When Pravan got home we went to the playground at 4:15 and he played for 30 min. I then raced him to his kids fitness program. He loves it and he gets real tired running around. I off course love that. I put dinner in the oven and we did school work. Hubby was home at 7pm. Dinner took longer to cook so the kids both got baths and then it was time for bed. Shweeee ! I am so exhausted.
Tomorrow it will start all over again.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The best and worst moments in a 6year old's day

I try very hard to tuck my children into bed every night. My wonderful husband is good at that and he does it a lot of time. Tonight I let him finish the last bit of his football game and I put the kids to bed.After all he was sweet to let em go and workout on a football night. I took a bath with Priyasha in my huge oval bath tub. I smelled so badly after working out that I just needed to freshen up for the night. I took a spin class and almost died. It was just 30 min but it was the hardest one I have done in the last three weeks. The music was so loud thankfully and no one was able to hear me croak tot he music or groan. There were moments when I closed my eyes and pushed through it. It did cross my mind to quit but I stuck with it by saying that I would skip the second half of body sculpting. I can see a difference in my body and my clothes fit better so I had to push through the pain and I did the sculpting class as well. We used resistance bands , weights and a medicine ball. I have progressed from the 3 pound weights to the 5 pound weights. Yeah for me.
So when I tucked Pravan in I asked him what was the best thing about his day and what was the worst thing about his day.
His Best thing : Mommy you coming to school today. He really likes to have me in his class and I am enjoying that for as long as it lasts. I do think he will be one of those mama's boy type of kid. He will never ever want me to not be with him. Okay let me dream and believe that. It makes motherhood worth keeping as a job.
Before I tell you his worst thing I have to give you a history about why he said this. Firstly he forgot that it actually happened yesterday. Last night my husband saw him kneeling on the floor with his head in the cushions and he had real tears rolling down his cheeks. He was sad and clearly upset. My husband asked him what happened and he said " I don't want that to happen " Hubby was confused for a min but Pravan said he was talking about what the man said on TV.
Are you curious yet ? This is classically good and we could not help laughing when he went to bed. Hubby was watching 60 Min's and the show was about the Large Hadron Collider .Check it out here:
This a 17 mile wide circle 300 feet below the earths surface in the
Franco -Swiss border near Switzerland. It is a large project that involves a lot of scientists. Anyway you can read about this interesting thing and get a glimpse of what the world would be like when we have great great grandchildren assuming this works. I understand that it could transport you from one place to another like tele porting. Science fiction type of thing. Over my head for sure. Anyway not to alarm you but one of the safety issue was that it can open up and swallow the earth. That is what scared Pravan.
" Daddy I do not want it to swallow up the earth " while he sobbed. Hubby hugged him and assure him hat will not happen. Any other normal kid would accept that and move on. Not my kid. " How will the man stop it " Hubby said " He just will " " But how ? asked Pravan confused and concerned. As a last resort hubby says " The man will shut it off before that happens " That seemed to calm him down.
Worst thing in his day : " I don't want the earth to get swallowed up by that machine "
I was in the bedroom when all this happened. I just wish I had a picture of him crying like that. When hubby told me I could not help laughing and so did hubby. We off course reassured him and I hope he will forget about this soon.
Have a good night and thanks for stopping by.

Thank you Cyber pals

I was was a not so good morning and now my head it too big. I love all the comments and compliments. Thank you that made my day better. Lately I feel like my friends are judging me. Today my friend watched Priyasha while I went to school. I was comfortable with that like I always am. Today she called to tell me that Priyasha was upset and asked if she could give her a lollipop. I appreciated that she asked but I was annoyed that she even asked. Why is it that candy is supposed to make it all better. That is not how I parent. Not that it is a bad thing but there are other solutions.
So here is what the deal is. About six months ago that same friend gave Priyasha a lollipop right before I picked her up and she was very proud that she did that. My reaction as I walked up to the car was " Did you give my daughter a lollipop ?" She said " yes" with a grin . I was not happy so I yanked , yes yanked that sugar and chucked it across the parking lot as far as I could throw. Dramatic ? Yes. I caught my friend off guard and things got weird. I then left and when I cooled down I called and apologized. I explained that Priyasha could not have a lollipop as Pravan did not get one until he was four. My kids are prone to being diabetic and I have to control the sugar they eat. They almost never get candy or cookies but they get enough to be normal. I as a mother should have the right to restrict whatever I choose and that should be respected by others.
Okay the first time she really had no idea and it was innocent. Today she knew very well. I really should not be upset as she asked first and respected my wishes. What hurt was when she said " Ah man , I thought you would give in as she is upset " Okay that just made me feel like a bad mom and made me feel awful. When I picked my daughter up I got her a fruit smoothie so I could feel better. It was a better choice but the point is one should never have to feel bad about the way they parent. Even I need guidance at times but I will not give in to candy even if she was the fourth kid.
On the note of needing guidance myself. Age six and school has brought new challenges to my parenting skills. There are many things I hope my children never know and one would be that I am not a fan of reading. I am simply too busy to sit still for more than five min at a time. I remember reading somewhere that kids model after you and if they see you curled up with a book then they will more than likely grow up loving to read. My mother never went to school and as a result cannot read or write. I grew up not liking to read either. Well it is time to break that cycle and I am willing to finally learn the joys of books. Here are all the books i checked out as I am have been doubting myself as a mother. I hope this helps. I cannot tolerate the sibling bickering and tattling. Someone tell me how it will stop. Ia m tired of yelling and sending them to their rooms. I hope to fine a solution in these books.
Okay thanks for reading. I feel better

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photo Challenge # 18 Bridges

Okay ladies. The first one is for the challenge entry. These are of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco on the west coast of the United States. It is a very popular bridge and is very photographed. The one downfall of travelling to different places is that the weather may not be in favor and that is so true to this bridge. You are lucky to catch a glimpse if it is not foggy. Well to this was four road trip so this was the best shots I he got after circling around several times. There is a place where you pull off and park on either ends of the bridge but the parking lots were full. Poor hubby kept driving around until we finally were allowed into the parking lot. Well it is no secret that to get a good picture you need to have patience and adjust the settings on the camera. I once read that to take a good picture you need good light and good weather but that is something you cannot control. So do the best you can int he worst of conditions and you may just surprise yourself with a spectacular picture. I love this shot with the fog. I worked in the conditions I found myself in. Hope you like it too.

Weekend rush and preparing for Santa

It has been busy these last several days. I am still sticking with the workouts. I love that I can leave Priyasha at the kid scorner and not have to pay for a babysitter. She really looks forward to it and since she begs to go she motivates me to go and work out. My friends have already noticed a difference in the way I look. I cannot see it yet as I am so critical of myself but who isn't ? In addition to this new schedule Pravan is now in boys scouts. We have out first meeting this Wednesday and he is thrilled. Last week he came home with all the work for the week that was done in the classroom. He had his first math test and he got 100%. I was so proud of him. For the last two weeks the teacher has not been sending his homework back home after checking it. I was concerned until she told me that she keeps it hanging in the class as an example of neat writing. Pravan has exceptional handwriting and is the best in his class. I told him that I had the best handwriting when I was in school and clearly he wants to walk in my footsteps. I also told him that I did not always have the neatest handwriting and my classmates was better at times. I then had to practice more and then I got the best handwriting award. This in fact was a true story and I was surprised that he took it seriously. I may have to tell a tall tale about some stuff to get him to succeed as I was not the best at everything especially math. I hated math and he loves it but I will never tell him how I felt about math. I am ready for a very busy week ahead of me. Tonight is the premier for desperate housewives. I am so excited and have some scrap projects waiting to be worked on. We are having Salmon and corn on the cob and almond rice for dinner. Yum Yum ! We usually have this as a meal whenever I go to Costco. I was able to get an awesome deal on a baby doll set for Priyasha. I will hold onto it until Christmas. Since July I have been talking about Santa to her. Last year she was terrified of the guy and screamed her lungs out. SO this year I am preparing her for a better experience. When she see stuff she says " I want that for Christmas. Santa is a good guy and he gives me treats. I sit on his tell and tell him I want that " It is the most adorable thing out of her mouth. We'll see how she does. Regardless she will sit on his lap and I will get that picture of her screaming. That's what we moms do. I guess some don't but hey it is mean for the kid to not visit Santa. I even have one picture of me somewhere in Africa sitting on Santa's lap. I did not even celebrate Xmas. Okay that's it for today. Hubby just left with the kids to the pool. Yes the pool. It is 90 degrees today and it is the last day for the pool to be open for the season. I am going to clean my scrapbooking room. Yeah peace and quite in the day time. It is a miracle. Here are some pictures of Priyasha with Santa. She ran as fast as her little legs could take her. I had the camera in burst mode. Some are blurry as I was laughing and it happened so fast. Remember I told Santa not to let go no matter how much she cried. I think he did the best he could so I could get a picture. Well I got many and they are great even if she is screaming. This christmas it should be better. Take two : We took a break. We had milk and cookies and tried again but the results weren't any better. I think it will be great to see what my grand daughter will do at age two with Santa. Clearly Santa was done. He does a prod look on his face. Well he listens well. I am sure he will not be thrilled to see us again this year.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sex in the City

So who was I kidding when I said this movie is on my christmas list. Candice brought Raya over on Friday .shopping and had mommy time.Along with Raya she brought the brand new Sex in the city movie for me to watch while the girls slept. I do did not watch it but the movie also never left my house. I took it captive and in exchange gave Candice $20 and asked her to by herself another copy. Well what is a dog to do when you dangle bacon on front of it ? So now I have my movie. I just need to find the time to watch in when everybody is asleep.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Premier Week

Now that the nights are cooler and it is darker so early it is time to curl up on the couch and enjoy all the favorite shows.Wow since I can hardly stay awake late anymore I have recorded the two hour premier of Hero's. I am now several hours behind and will need to play catch up on my shows. Tonight however is the hot sexy Lipstick Jungle. I cannot wait. I found the themes song and added to my blog. If you want to listen to that hit the play button after you pause the ipod. Hope you can figure it out. I will have to see if I can add to ipod.Tomorrow is Grey's Anatomy and Survivor. The only show hubby watches with me. Also this week on DVD is Sex in the City .... I am not usually a movie gal but this is one movie that is on my Christmas list. Phewww !!! That is a lot of couch time. That is why I am been working out so much. Now if I can stay away from the munchies the workouts will be beneficial. SO what is the difference between watching TV on the couch and sleeping ? We are in one place for both. Well I read somewhere that you actually burn more calories sleeping than you do when watching TV. It makes sense if you are eating and watching TV. Food for thought....
Hope you will have a fun night.

Mommy to the rescue

This morning like always I put Pravan on the bus and headed back inside with Priyasha. I planned on making myself a nice cup of tea and a sunny side up egg. I never do that. I always jump right into my day. I thought it would be different today. I thought I would relax. I have been so sore from working out everyday since last Wednesday. The only break I have taken was Sunday. This morning I was supposed to do the step class but last night I was in pain all night. The muscles hurt. I can barely stay awake past 10pm anymore.
As I was frying my egg the cell phone rang and I was expecting Candice to call as I was watching Raya today. Well it was another mom Maya who informed me that the bus was not at school as it broke down. i went into panic mode. It is the second time it broke down in two weeks. I was not happy. Luckily I had showered but Priyasha's hair looked like a tornado went through it. I grabbed her with no shoes and hopped into the car wearing hot pink slacks and apple green socks. I like bright colors okay ! My hair was in a bun and my teeth was not brushed. This is the new description or part of it for being mom. Well I could have been in jammies with no bra on like I was yesterday holding up the traffic on the round about. There was a substitute bus driver so he failed to stop at my house. Pravan has buddies on the bus and like to ride on it. I would have taken him to school but he insisted we stop the bus. I parked on the side of the road so he would stop. Along with stopping him I stopped the entire neighborhood traffic. I know all those people late for work were cussing me out. I did wear a jacket to cover up but I was in my slippers with tornado hair. The bus driver appeared confused and kind of argued with me about where my stop was. I just wanted to get back in the car so I said " I am in my slippers " He let me go but insisted I get int he car and drive ahead of him. I was not sure that was what he wanted so I stood there like an idiot and all the cars were lined up. Boy I wish I could have taken a picture. that would have really pissed them off. Silly me.
Anyway I drove around the neighborhood looking for the broken bus and then I followed the new bus that was headed over to get all the kids. It was now 9:30 am and Pravan has been on the bus since 8:15am. He and the others were late for school. He got a pass when we checked in at the office.I took him to class and came home. The mornings are very stressful and I will plan on driving him in for the rest of the week. I called the district and voiced my concerns over the safety of the kids. The school bus needs to be checked and we as parents need of my mind. That is something I do not have once he leaves my protection and steps into the real world. I need to accept that but do we as parents ever stop worrying ?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is here

I am a few days late with this post. The last day of summer came and went and with it came the first day of fall. I was browsing another photo challenge site and saw the challenge to take the last minute summer activities outside. Although I am not playing in the challenge i took some pics of the kids with sidewalk chalk. This was not an original idea. I saw a layout in a scrapbooking magazine and decided to steal the concept. We came up with our own design and the kids loved being outside. It was quiet hot when we were playing and they did not like the bright sun very much. It is still in the 80's here in Reno. I have to admit that I had so much fun writing with sidewalk chalk. All the neighbors that drove by stared at me like I was crazy. There was a point when both the kids stepped inside the house and I was out there bu myself playing. It is good to feel like a kid every once in a while. if only I can reverse time I would have enjoyed it more when I was really a kid instead of wishing to be a grown up. I challenge you if you are still reading to go and be a big kid and be silly with your kids. Get a good laugh going and feel good and happy. It has been a very warm September and it is hard to think fall and want to smell Cinnamon and apple spice yet. I am however all set for Halloween. The kids already picked out their costumes and all I need is to get some candy for the trick or treaters. This should be a good fall. I am not complaining about the high temps. I like it hot. It does cool down at night though. Today I dressed the kids in their warm fleece jammies. Have a good night.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Photo Challenge # 17 Your morning

Okay here is what happens in my mornings. I am cranky but I get up as my kids are up and need to be taken care of. Hubby gets dressed and my poor kids have to deal with a super cranky mom. They are always in a hurry and can never seem to finish one thing before they are stepping in the direction of doing something else. Well I am usually yelling and saying " Your bowl will grow legs and walk o the sink right ?" Then Pravan will take his cereal bowl to the sink. In his hurry he will spill as he has a maid " me " to clean up after him. Along comes his sister and sits down beside him to be a part of this mess.
As mad as I was I had to snap some shots to capture what most people tel me are precious moments that I will miss when they are older. I doubt it but the who am I to question the older guys that have already experienced the joys of motherhood. I am sure they are right and I have the pictures to remember the moments I once dreaded and will in the future cherish.
This is the one I choose for the challenge. The look of fear is priceless. He said " Why won't it stop dripping ? "
"Here brother I will help you". She followed him to the sink with her bowl but put hers on the floor after he spilled.
I am taking a break. I am hungry from working so hard.
" I can't get it to stop falling."

Pravan is a great kid but haste makes waste and he is always in a hurry which promotes clumsiness and accidents. I really was not mad but I wish the morning were not so crazy and I was not so grumpy. I always seem to be reminding the kids of what needs to be done and there is a clock ticking before he gets the bus. That is why mom yells. It is to keep Pravan from running late.

Well ladies I hope you like these pictures. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking.


Do you feel the crisper days. The days are shorter and the nights seem longer but never long enough for me. It is easier to get the kids into bed on time. Fall is in the air for sure. Today is actually the last day of summer. Oh my goodness. I will have to take a few pictures of the kids just playing outside. Before I we know it will be cold and we have to stay indoors.
Lately I have not been taking too many pictures. What is wrong with me ? Over the weekend Pravan tried out with the cub scouts and he did very well. He loves it and I am going to sign him up. That should be a lot of fun. I have taken some pictures of him with my palm but have not figured how to transfer them to the pc. I will do that this week. I also have the best picture for photo challenge this week and I need to upload that tonight.It will be real late as tonight is the premier for Heroes. I have a ton of projects to work on so I can justify couch potatoe time. I also have a spin class earlier tonight. Busy busy ! The challenge was to document what happens in your morning. Well that's all for now. I hear the school bus outside so I got to run.
Take care

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blah ! Blah ! Blah !

So life for me has changed once again. Now I find myself breaking the rules. Yeah I like to think of it as breaking the rules. Not lying , just not volunteering all the facts. The club house where I live has a gym and offer free classes. I have not been able to go as much as I want since there is no time or classes that fit my schedule. Well now Pravan takes a kid fitness class on Tuesday afternoons. I have to watch Priyasha during this 45 min class. All the other moms do not have younger ones so they work out or they leave the younger ones at the kids corner. That is another free service if your kid is potty trained and 3yrs old. Priyasha meets just one criteria but they offered to watch her. So I just withheld her age. Don't ask, Don't tell right ! However I feel guilty but I am not lying. I am liking this new discovery. It has been two days now and I have been working out. I did a step aerobics class and looked like a dork. I am pretty co-ordinated but just could not get some steps right or keep up. Who cares ? I am willing to look like a clown if I can burn calories and get rid of the joey pooch I am carry around. On the kids side Pravan is growing up and is now showing signs of shyness around nudity. Priyasha is still little and sometimes is in her panties walking around and Pravan is all giggly and points to her panties. Well this is not new to him but his behaviour is new. Well this morning he was cold so he was on the floor all curled up in a ball in the sun just like a cat. It was funny. Well later on we were having a talk about girls panties. I told him that his sister is still a baby and it is nothing to laugh about if her panties are showing. I also told him that girls need to learn how to sit like a lady and that is what Priyasha has to remember. So I told him not to look at girls panties in his class. I also said " If you do that you will get into trouble and go to the Principal's office because it is not nice " All of a sudden he was curled up in a ball on the floor. I asked him if he was cold. He said " No , I am just crying " I was confused. He sat up and said " I don't want you to be mad but I will tell the truth " I could not help but smile and say " What ? " He then continued as tears rolled down his cheek and said " I did that one time in school but I do not remember who the girl is. Will I go to the Principal's office now ? " I gave him a hug and said " It is okay but do not let it happen again " If ten years from now my words are as powerful as they are today I will have the best teenagers ever. Sadly I know that will change so I will very firmly hold onto the power I have now. Wow my six year old is already looking at girls panties. I am in trouble. My only consolation is that it is innocent now. I admire Pravan for always telling the truth. Every so often he will choose to fib but I know when he does it and give him a chance to tell the truth. I think he has learnt this and hopefully will keep telling the truth. I am not so sure I am ready to deal with these new issues and need the next volume to motherhood. I better place an order soon. ( Research and read more.) This afternoon he has a follow up with the allergist. I am still researching my camera and the lenses. I am also still doing the photography challenge and this week it is documenting the crazy morning rush. So keep checking back and hopefully I will post some pic soon. Have a great day !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photo Challenge #16 animals

These pictures are for the photo challenge blog. Some are from the San Diego Zoo and some are from the Sacramento Zoo. The kitty is from my backyard. I hope someday to go to the zoo by myself with my new D300 that I will get soon and spend the day taking some better shots. I have an African Theme in my living room so I would like some good shots to frame. We did go on a Safari at the Kruger National Park and also to another one. I have pictures hanging up from those trips. I however used a film camera then so now I will have do make do with pictures from the zoo until I can get to Africa again. Hope you enjoy these pictures. I had so many more but had to pick just a few. Thanks for stopping by. Sacramento Zoo San Diego My cat has no front claws but she still has her hunting instincts. This was a present she brought for me. We were impressed. San Diego Zoo Sacramento Zoo below

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad Girls ! Bad Girls !

Hope this post is not offensive. That is not the intention. Please leave me your feedback. Thanks for stopping by. Raya spent the day here. Priyasha loves this and enjoys her company. I tried to take the girls to the pool today but it was closed. They were highly disappointed but had to deal with it. Raya handle it better. Priyasha cried the whole two miles home. I let the girls play in the sprinklers since they already had their swim suits and sun block on. After a while they were cold and wanted to play inside. I left the girls alone for about five minutes. I finished up some laundry and picked up. They were quiet and they were happily playing. When I checked in on them this is what I saw. Hope this does not offend anyone. My first reaction was shock and I verbally expressed it and it was loud. That scared the girls and they naturally cried. You can see the shocked look on their faces when I yelled " what are you doing " I am not sure if they were showing each other how it was done but they were even cleaning their dolls. I just could not resist and had to snap their mischief behaviour. This is something I just had to laugh about and the girls felt better once I relaxed. I felt awful for my over reaction. They could have peed or pooped and then wiped but they were just playing and I the mean ogre had ruined their happy little world. I hugged them both and let them play mommy to the dolls instead of what they were doing. Kids do some funny things. WHAT !!!!! That was their response when I called out to them to figure out where they were playing. What did we do ???? Oh no ! your mommy is mad .... water works begin ....... All is well that ends well ......