Monday, December 22, 2008

Riding in style

This was at Santa Land at Pravan's school a couple of weeks ago. They host this every year and the parents are not allowed to go in. We have to sit outside and drink coffee and eat cookies. Sounds like a blast right. Well I just had to break the rules. I just cannot help myself. Pravan knew I was around so he waited for me to leave so he could shop. The PTO buys stuff all year long and they sell them at Santa Land. Everything is in between $1- $4. Pravan usually has a list of people like grandma, grandpa, great grandma, aunt, uncle, mom, dad and sister to buy for. They have some amazing things here. Well as a treat half way through Santa showed up on his Harley. That was so cool. Pravan was shocked to see Santa ride a motorbike. At this even Pravan cried as he did not have enough money to buy everything he wanted. I gave him $50. That was a lot I thought. Well he picked about six beautiful ornaments for me and they were $4 a piece and I was called back in when he was short on paying. I asked him to put the ornaments back and he started to cry. He said that he really wanted to buy then for em as I deserved it. The teacher told him to pick out his favorite and he did but was clearly crushed. We had to skip the gift wrapping as I did not have any more money on me. We then went to the dollar store to but gift wrap and he asked me how I had money to buy that gift wrap. I told him that I was going to charge it. " Oh you should have charged all the gifts I wanted to buy you " he snapped After a while the tension and silence was weird so I said " I am sad " "why are you sad mommy ? " he asked I am sad because I hurt your feelings and you were being so thoughtful " " I just think you should have given me more money as you and daddy take care of me all year long and now I want to take care of you guys and you should have let me buy all those ornaments " I then had to explain to him the value of money and how to spend it wisely. He still argued with me that I deserved to be spoiled. He is the sweetest kid ever if I should say so myself. I love him dearly and I hope he will always be this way.
Thanks for reading and remember that Christmas is about giving. Free Spirit !

christmas mice

I have been very busy lately. We have been baking cookies, sewing jammies and cleaning, wrapping and shopping. Pravan had a xmas party in school on Friday and I made all the kids in his class as well as all the cub scout kids one of these. It is a funny story about how I got the pattern to re-create these. Several months ago I was in line at Jo-ann's fabric store. The lady in front of me was buying a lot of the green and red felt in squares. I asked her what she was making and she was more than happy to talk about it. I also asked her where you got the pattern from and she said from an old magazine. She was sweet and asked me for my address and promised to mail it to me. Well weeks went by and then out of the blue it showed up in my mail box. she also sent me one so I could see it made. I would thank her but all I have is her first name and cannot find her. Well I doubt she will ever find my blog but here's a big thanks to Kathy. You were so sweet to share with me and now we have made more kids happy together. So fo those that are reading here are some pics of the mice.