Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making a list, checking it twice ...

Late last night my buddy Suzanne called and we had a lovely chat. I felt relieved that I finally got all the envelopes together and had all my photos sorted into piles to go to different people. Hey I even finished the thank you cards that were overdue from Priyasha's birthday way back in March.

I was happy to share this feeling with Suzanne and then I found a list I had made a while ago. Usually I am a memory person. I remember everything including every ones phone numbers. I almost never look in the contact list on the phone. I dial from memory. Well someone told me that it helps to make a list and that way you feel less overwhelmed. Well I took the advise and it worked. My stress levels kept going down with everything I struck of my list. As I was checking it again I realized I had a few more things I needed to add to the list. Well somehow my list got bigger and bigger. Someone has got to invent birth control for that and my laundry. My to do list, laundry and dishes just seems to multiply day after day. Maybe it would be better not to make a list as the on going list seems to create a different type of stress for me.

Well all the goodies are in the mail including two packages to my mom in South Africa. I could not believe how expensive it was to mail one box to her. It was about $75. No I did not mail that one. I did send her a smaller one with and that was about $11. So much cheaper as it was 4 pounds versus 22 pounds in the other. Today was a very busy day even though my play date was cancelled. I was relieved when the other mom told me that she could not make it. Tomorrow we are planning on going to Donner Lake. I shopped for food and snacks and toys so we should be all set. Although I continuously whine that I have so much to do today I found myself purchasing fabric to sew pillow cases for my kids. Strawberry shortcake for the girl and transformer for the boy. Why do I create more projects. Well it may have to wait for a week or so before I get to it.

Well I am looking forward to the lake and it would be a much better day if all the smoke in Reno was carried away by the wind. There are over 800 fires int he state of California and since the border is only 45 min's away we seem to be covered in smoke. It is amazing how many 100's of mile that smoke has travelled and seems to be taking a rest in Reno. It is the biggest little city after all.

Take care !