Thursday, January 26, 2012

Organizing over time


WOW ! It is amazing how time flies...with time comes change..change of seasons, change of seconds into minutes, minutes into hours , hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years..speaking of which I was last on this blog in October.I make no excuses except for one LIFE !!! Life is constantly moving and moving forward and ahead.The kids the growing up and growing up fast.

I continue to wear many hats..cub scouts, girl scouts leader. mom, wife, chaffeur, nurse, Realtor and the lists goes on and on and on...

So with that said I will stop by here when it takes my fancy to fill you in on something ..who knows who cares..but I will ramble on in the hopes that someone is paying attention and can take an idea or two and make it their own.

This has been a quiet week for me on the work I have 5 girls coming over for a playdate..yeah they are only five but it was motivation enough to organize..yes organize..not clean..with my busy schedule I have been able to keep the house in great shape but there is always room for improvement.

I tackled my laundry room today. I already had the white bins in there with the kids pictures so they know where to throw their winter stuff. I love that my carousel for shoes is working. Every week I switch shoe duty with the kids and they need to make sure that their shoes are hung up.

Reno has set some records with a dry dry fact it has been so dry that we had two major fires, two months apart and in each fire over 20 homes were burned. Over 10 000 people were evacuated and it has been devastating...Recently we had some snow Finally !!! So off I went to the store to get knew snow shoes that were 1 size too big so they can wear them for another season.

My 9year old has feet that is only a toe smaller than my feet..yeah we can wear almost the same size shoe when I forgot what size shoe he wore I got him a size 4 kids boots as I know that I can fit into a kids 4..yes I have small feet. Well that meant that I no longer have small cute boy shoes. His shoe takes up way more space now. Priyasha is a real diva and has different colored boots for different outfits. I was sick of no space on my shoe rack that I decided to hang up my boots on hangers and I love love love this idea. My floors are neat and tidy and they help the boots dry faster.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy ! Hope you get an idea or two..drop me a note and let me know what you think !