Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last day of being five

Wow ! I certainly do not remember that. Today is the last day for Pravan to be five. Every year it is a tradition that I take the last picture of the child the night before their birthday. Every night like most parents I check in on the kids and make sure they are covered , warm and breathing. I adjust them if needed , plant a kiss on their forehead and whisper " I love you, sweet baby dreams into their ears and go to bed myself. Every year on the night before their birthday it is a very special time for time. I take their picture and reflect upon the year that just flew by and remember the good and the bad times. I then go to bed and decided that tomorrow is a new year, a new chapter and a new beginning. I plot out a strategy to deal with the bad habits, eliminate some of my techniques and plan on being a better mom. For me that is a struggle very day. Some days more than others. It is great that Pravan can talk and he can tell me what he wants me to change. I listen and implements some of his suggestions. I think it is important for kids to feel loved and respected. When I take his ideas his face glows and I can tell he is happy.
Tonight we will kiss the Feisty five's goodbye and in the morning we will welcome the spectacular six's.
Here is a list of how I see the ages.
Fabulous one's
Terrific Two's
Trying Three's
Fantastic Four's
Feisty Five's
Spectacular Six's
I am not sure what the seven's will be. I just make them up and truly believe it to be fitting to my kids. Maybe ....
Sweet Seven's
Nonsense Nine's
Testy Ten's
Well I may change it as my kids get to that age group. Here is my last picture of my baby and he will no longer be five in a few hours. I am ready what the six's will bring. Seems like I need an adjustment with how I parent and I am actually resorting to reading. As you may know I cannot sit still long enough to read but I can do it. For the kids I say I can. I need to be a growing mom and grow with the kids.

Fun ! Fun ! Fun !

Now these are the joys of childhood and in my case motherhood. I am the biggest kid around and my kids are fortunate to have me as their mommy. When I was a kid my family did not have a lot of money and my childhood days were filled with simple pleasures like a yo yo , a top and string, marbles and rocks. In today's world with technology every where we turn it is just amazing. I embrace it all everyday. My hubby and I can sit together while he plays with his blackberry and I play with my cell phone. Our idea of quality time together is him on his computer and me next to him on my laptop. No really, we never plan it that way but it seems like it works out that way. We are both silent and never have an argument.Who could ask for a better date that costs no money. So what has happened to the world. It is fast paced and no matter how fast it gets , it is never fast enough or are we all just impatient people. I am for sure. Oh come on..... 60 sec rice , 3 min mac n cheese it is all crazy convenience but not necessarily good. Well since technology is taking over , telephones have replaced telegraphs, cars have replaced horses, e-mail has replaced hand written letters, ipods and mp3 players have replaced cd's and cd's have replaced tapes, computers have replaced typewriters, DVD's have replaced VHS tapes . The list goes on and on and there may be more you can think of. Well my fight is to help my kids remember and appreciate the simple joys in life. Kids today are spoiled with technology and my kids have so many toys that needs cartridges as they have a chip in the toy that makes it work. Well unfortunately for me I was not the one that invented the cartridge toy so I am not raking in the dollars. That was nothing short of brilliant and you and I together with many others are helping make the toy companies rich. Not a bad thing but my point again is it is good to remember the simple good old fashion days whilst we embrace the age of technology in the hopes that our kids, the future of the world are given a fighting chance with the amazing tools available. Just some food for thought. Okay enough of rambling. If you have been following my blog you will remember a post from a few months back on bubble magic. I love bubbles and so do kids. It is fascinating and makes everyone smile. The thing I do not like about it is the mess. It is also no longer very cheap. The cheap one at the dollar store is weak and a waste. Well when we were in Oregon I bought this special bubble thingy. I did not believe it will work but took my chances. It was just amazing. i made my own bubbles and here is a recipe for all you moms out there. BUBBLE RECIPE : 12 cups of water 2 tbsp baking powder ( not baking soda ) 1 cup of cornstarch 1 cup of dish soap (joy, dawn, ivory ) Put it all in a bucket or store in bottles. It is an amazing solution. Check out my pictures and be amazed !
Go have some fun and help the kids experience the simple joys and pleasures that life can offer.