Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's not the decorations or shopping that make me crazy, it's the expectations that I've attached to those things. I've been listening to my inner "Should!" without even recognizing it. This voice tells me what I'm supposed to do.

This is not the Mommy Olympics. Although every moment of everyday it feels like it.Motherhood is no Sprint, but it really is a marathon. The difference on the journey of motherhood is to make memories along the way and enjoy moments with the kids. I mean truly enjoy quality time with the kids. 

I spend so many days and nights with my kids but so much of the time is not quality. I strive all the time for true quality with each kid. Very often I complain about this to my dear friend stacey and she cracks up. 

Well my effort to make some holiday stress is failing miserably. My house feels like and smells like a cookie factory...

I am posting my melting snowman cookie for you to give it a try.

Directions are as follows:

Use sugar cookie dough
Smash a ball of dough flat( It does not have to be perfect ) 
Bake as would for any sugar cookie recipe
Allow to cool
Make icing and use back of spoon to coat the cookie
Allow to dribble over sides
Place 2-3 marshmallows on a plate and microwave for about 10secs
( watch carefully ) 
Do not let marshmallow double in size
Place on cookie
Once dry , decorate as desired
Let your imagination run wild

I used gel pen tubes from Walmart which made the decorating fun and easy.

We have had quiet a bit of snow lately but it all melts so fast. There has been a ton of rain which made for slushy snow and bad road conditions. Well we have made our own melting snowman inside but these are yummy..Take a look.

We have some sad melting snowmen

He is being so careful...

I love the excitement and wonder in kids...

Ready to eat his work of art ...

She is so happy with the snowmen...Well we found a way to make a snowman since the snow outside is slushy too.
My little helper...

Happy little girl 

off with his head

Frost lost his head Oh No !!

Gel pens $3.50
Marshmallows $1.59
Powdered sugar $ 1.29
The memories and time with your kids PRICELESS !!!

Give it a try and go make some memories with your kids.

Thanks for stopping by.