Wednesday, June 18, 2008

out to lunch


Today I visited a dear friend Suzanne. We met almost three years ago at 2am. Yes 2am. No we were not bar hopping.I was about six months pregnant with Priyasha and we met the morning after Thanksgiving in line outside the scrapbook store. We are scrapping buddies and I am so blessed to have her as a friend. She drives me nuts at times but my scrapping world will not be the same without her. She is a sweetheart and made me a delicious lunch. Not sure what it was called but it was baked chicken with curry powder , honey and yellow mustard. It was delicious and Priyasha loved it too.

She watched my kids while I ran off to the scrapbook store. I have a class to teach on Friday night and I needed to gather my supplies to put the kits together. This is a crazy week and I am so thankful she did me that favor as I could not fit that must do item of my daily chore list any other time. Well I have 3 people signed up and I am so excited to teach this awesome class on two mini books. Tomorrow is another crazy day and I feel like my juggling skills are being sharpened this week. The house is clean and I am ready to entertain some friends and their 5 year old boys as well. I will also have Suzanne's kids and still babysit Keara. Tomorrow will be a zoo in my house but the trampoline will tire them all out , or so I hope.

Today Priyasha wore a cute dress with POKA BOKS as she calls the polka dots. It is the cutest thing from her mouth. I took some pics again. These dresses are so cute I cannot resist. Well all these photo shoots of Priyasha has left Pravan feeling left out. I promised him that I will take some pictures of him climbing a tree or something. Well it is almost 10pm my dear husband is at a late night meeting. Sex and the City is about to begin and a martini with my name and a salty snack awaits me. Tonight I am just exhausted so I will chill for a while and if I get a second wind at 11pm I will start on the kits for class. Well hubby just called to say he is going to grab a bite to eat with some colleagues so it will be another two hours before he gets home. I just love all this peace and quiet and time to myself. Too bad I do not get this earlier in the day or all day.I look forward to this time of day every night. I will post some pics when i get a chance later this week. Take care !