Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aroma Therapy neck wraps

Hello World !

24 hours in a day
1440 minutes in a day 
86 400 seconds in a day

How productive are you ? How are you using your time ? I have been busy busy... 

Work is frustrating lately. Been dealing with short sales and negotiating with the banks and I have managed to relieve my seller of the deficiency on her loan. Hoping to close in 45 days. Every time expectations and dead lines are met there is another hurdle. I am hoping for this to finally close. Are you upside in your home ? Ask me how I can help ???

Other than devoting my time to work , cub scouts has been bust too and lots of projects with the boys and my personal projects with kids. I have so many sewing projects now it is crazy. I need to stop starting a new one before I finish one in progress.

My latest project is aroma therapy neck wraps. I have a square bag for myself but the kids have been fighting over mine so I decided to each of them one. I re-searched this for a while and did not find a pattern anywhere. I drew mine on muslin free hand and I am so happy with myself. If you look at the bottom right picture you will see my pattern.

Here is a sample of silk brocades I purchased today. I love it when I can use a 50 % coupon and a 20 % coupon of your total purchase at Joann Fabrics. Print your coupon. See end of blog post.Save some money and create something beautiful.

Fabric makes me happy....I love that I can take a beautiful piece of fabric, cut it up and create something beautiful, useful and
the joy it brings to my kids is priceless !

Pravan loves my sewing machine and he is really getting good at driving it on his own. 

He helped me measure and mix and fill the bag. I sewed a channel in the bag so the filling will be evenly distributed. As you can see I used flaxseed, rice and freshly dried lavender. This is on of four bags. I will post part 2 when I sew one for the girl. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have any questions on how to make one of these.

This coupon ends soon. 

Thanks for stopping by 

Free Spirit xoxoxoxo 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I heart Faces {Red - In support of Go Red For Women)

This is my first entry for I heart faces. Hope you like this picture as much as I do. For a while now I have lurked on the site and felt like a stalker of so many talented photographers out there.

I love taking pics and I am still learning so much. I love all the inspiration out there. Clickhappy is what my family calls me and viewing life through the lens is a daily activity and an absolute pleasure. I look forward to my adventure hopping to each of your blogs and learning a thing or two along the way.

Thanks for taking a peek at my work.

Thanks for stopping by.

I heart you !


Keep it simple Sweetie

When will I learn... I had a blast with this photo shoot.

I entered this photo in the I heart faces blog... never done that before so I am giving it a try. I was just disappointed that I had to crop the picture for the blog.

Here is my creation for Valentines Day cards. This was a spin from another blog. You can view HERE Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Happy Valentines day and thanks for stopping by.