Friday, June 20, 2008

Slip and slide party

Today Pravan was invited to a slip and slide party at Finn's house. Mrs Brown, Finn's mom had told me that no girls were invited. I then asked Suzanne to watch Priyasha. Since we were at Suzanne's house I took some pictures of Pravan climbing the tree in her front yard. I joined him and decided to be a kid too. I will post pictures later. When I got to Finn's house his mom asked me about Priyasha and told me that I could go and get her if I wanted. I thought that was so sweet. She meant no girls from the kindergarten class. I drove all the way back to Suzanne's and got Priyasha. She loved playing in the water and hanging out with the boys.

Finn is a very lucky boy as he has the best backyard any boy could ask for. They have a huge blue fill up pool and a tree house where the boys can hide out. They have a rope to swing and splash into the pool. If I were to be a kid again I would love to spend my childhood in this backyard. It is so beautiful and it makes you feel like you are hidden in a secret garden away from the rest of the busy crazy world. Thanks Terri for giving us a chance to play in your lovely backyard and home.

After that party Pravan went to Alan's house. He is a social butterfly just like his mother and I am so exhausted keeping up with all these play dates. There are days when I think I would get more rest if I worked a job that paid me money instead of being a domestic engineer and get paid with hugs and kisses. I do love being home and I just need to slow down. Next week is a crazy week so I am not sure when things will calm down. Priyasha is asleep and I am finally done preparing for my class tonight. Last night I was up until midnight working on it and a short while ago the lady at the store called to tell me that there was one more for the class. I scrammed and made another kit.

When the princess awakes I need to go and get the boy and then hopefully my husband will be home on time so I can get to class. The weekend is almost here and I am lookign forward to it. I will post some pics this weekend.

Happy creations to you all.