Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Challenge # 26 weather

In Reno the weather is very unpredictable. This shot is from a morning after 80 degree temps. It is very windy here lately it has been smoky from the California fires. This is the best I could do. Thanks for stopping by !

Riding Solo

Pravan got his first bike when he was three years old. He very quickly learned how to ride uphill, downhill, turn around, go super fast and even do some tricks. He did all of this with the aid of training wheels. He placed his trust in them and was never excited to take them off. In the summer of 2007 Todd removed the wheels and would take him practicing. Pravan did well for about a minute before he realized that dad was no longer holding the bike. He would then stop pedaling and fall to the ground and cry. They would out the training wheels back on before coming home so he can have fun riding with some support.
I wanted very much for him to ride without training wheels and he really had no desire. This past summer 2008 we removed the training wheels and refused to put them back on. Pravan then refused to ride the bike. I guess Todd really did not mind it. I thought that he was behind the other kids until I learned that so many of his buddies could not do it as well.
Yesterday Todd was cleaning the garage and Pravan got into his bike and decided to try again. I spent all day cooking and stayed in my jammies. I had no idea what they were doing. Todd rang the doorbell and when I answered he proudly announced that Pravan is riding all by himself up the side walk in the neighborhood. I was in shocked. I armed myself with the camera and headed to see his achievement. I got some priceless pictures and realized that Pravan will achieve anything his heart desires but in his own time. Yesterday a light bulb went off for him and for mom as well. We are so proud of him and treated him to ice-cream for over coming his fear. He truly is growing and gaining more self confidence.