Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pravan's first television interview

Today was a very special day. Pravan was awarded a good class act award by the channel 4 news people. This was a huge surprise for him and he was unaware of it until a short while before the class was visited by the news team. Pravan is actively involved in helping people. For the past five years I have hosted an annual Easter Egg Hunt all on my own with a little help from other moms. It started out with about 9 woman in my backyard in 2004. The following year I was talked into doing it again and so I did except it was much bigger. I hosted it at the playground. Each year after that it was expected and I willingly hosted. Last year we had over 50 families join us and as long as I am in Reno I will continue to host it and help others along the way. This year it will be much bigger as Pravan is a cub scout and the cub scout group will help me with more activities and it will be a blast.
In 2006 I delivered a beautiful little baby girl on March 07 and still after a C-section I hosted the hunt a month later.In 2008 Pravan and I decided to help out an organization and we picked the food bank. I learned that the food bank had a backpack program that stuffed the less fortunate kids backpack with food and none of the other kids were aware. This way no child would go hungry. They also help a lot of other people in need.
We asked people to bring three items of food to get a ticket for a chance to win something. I walked the stores and got sponsorships for this and we were able to get a barrel full of food. This year we will do the food drive again. Pravan has also given away lots of stuffed animals to the fire department to help the kids whose houses are on fire and who may have lost everything. He also donated a tom of stuff to Big Brother's , Big Sisters club. Pravan also came up with the idea to use both sides of the paper to save trees, which would save the environment and not to mention energy conservation and money.
Who said a small child could not make a difference. Every little bit helps one small gesture at a time. Thank you to Shelby Sheehan the News 4 reporter for interviewing Pravan and recognizing his efforts to help at such a young age. Below are lots of pics of how the interview unfolded and some of the egg hunt last year.
Pravan with his contribution last year.
Priyasha following in her brother's footsteps.
They are so close and can conquer the world together or alone.
This was what Pravan received as his recognition for his good deeds. This is an amazing achievement for him.
Shelby Sheehan introduces herself as the kids listen attentively and Mr Chronister the school Principle watches proudly with the other ladies from the news room.
Pravan was called up and Shelby shakes his hand.
Her first conversation with Pravan.
Shelby hands him the good class act award. He is clearly mesmerized.
Proud Pravan posing for the news camera.
In the spotlight and loving it. He was so confident and excited.
The real interview begins.
I was amazed at how he carried himself and how well he answered her questions.As you can see I videoed it as well as took many pictures to share with the world.
He is so proud and so am I and Todd.
Pravan talked about all his good deeds.
Final statement. He said " This is my first time on the news and first time meeting a news lady " It was so adorable. She said " it was a pleasure to meet such a handsome young man in his buttoned down short and
slacks "
It was such an honor to meet Shelby Sheehan in person.
Mrs Ferguson with us. She is a wonderful teacher and Pravan is excelling in her class and is loving all the extra work she gives him as he is so advanced. She tries to keep him challenged and he is doing third and fourth grade level math. He is a math whiz for sure.
All smiles !!!!! It was clearly a day Pravan will always remember and will keep doing good in the years to come.We are very proud parents and now the world too can see. This will be on the local news channel tomorrow Feb 18 on channel 4 at 5pm. For all my cyber friends I will post a link to the news website as you will be able to view the video as well. I will update with that tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by and reading about his achievements.
Free Spirit !!!!


kristelle del rosario said...

I do enjoy reading your post. Continue doing a good deed, helping others and have a good heart always.
Do your best and God will do the rest! try this out...A Global Tribe

Melissa S said...

Totally a proud moment! What a nice thing to read about. You are all making a difference!

The Super Mom said...

Tell him our gang said "GREAT JOB" too. : )
Wow Mom....what a proud day it must have been. You are blessing your children with so much by teaching them to give.
Blessings to you.

Connie said...

That is such a nice award. He looks wonderful.

Jessica's Handmade Boutique said...

This is so awesome! What a cool thing for him to get. Congrats on raising such a good kid!

Jessica's Handmade Boutique said...
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Shirley said...

How absolutely wonderful, Easperee! What a terrifice mom you are and it all shows in the accomplisments of your children. I remember Shelby from when I was in Reno. Being busy makes two of us. I have been out looking at homes in Northern South Carolina and Southern North Carolina. ha!