Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Francis's Asian Bistro

Tonight we went out to a lovely dinner with another couple. Candice was a sweetheart and took my kids at 4pm. I did some errands and when i got home I had some alone time to take a shower and dress for dinner. We met Brandy and Stephen who are Spencer's parents. We have gone out with them once before and we had a wonderful time. It almost felt like a vacation without the kids. That is sad. We need to this more often.
This restaurant is at the top of Caughlin Ranch in Reno and it has a spectacular view of down town Reno. The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is great. I enjoyed my meal and real adult conversation. We then picked up the kids at 9:20pm and they were still awake. Priyasha was asleep before we got home and it was only a 10 min drive. Well that's all for this post.

photo challenge Lines

Okay I have been swamped with being a mom. Life has been crazy but I just had to play. Here is what I came up with without really trying. Leave some love and can't wait to see what all you ladies have been up to. All challenges are on
Here are some of the transformers my son is obsessed with. He just got a few more for his birthday and he wanted to count them all. He always lines up all his toys like this. I did not even capture every single one. He has over 40 and he really wants to get more. He has been earning them and getting most as presents.
This is a huge bumble bee. We have these sage bushes in the front yard and my kids loves watching the bees work. It smells like lavender and my daughter always says " that a huge one , he so big ! "
Here is Pravan at his birthday party having a great time running through the sprinklers.
Here are some clips I purchased on ebay to help me organize my scrap room. I hope to post some pictures of that and all my goodies once they are organized. Maybe in a month or so. Thanks for looking all you lensy people.

just posted birthday stuff

Please scroll down to see the post on the birthday party as well as transformer party ideas. Thanks for looking and leave me a comment.