Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad Girls ! Bad Girls !

Hope this post is not offensive. That is not the intention. Please leave me your feedback. Thanks for stopping by. Raya spent the day here. Priyasha loves this and enjoys her company. I tried to take the girls to the pool today but it was closed. They were highly disappointed but had to deal with it. Raya handle it better. Priyasha cried the whole two miles home. I let the girls play in the sprinklers since they already had their swim suits and sun block on. After a while they were cold and wanted to play inside. I left the girls alone for about five minutes. I finished up some laundry and picked up. They were quiet and they were happily playing. When I checked in on them this is what I saw. Hope this does not offend anyone. My first reaction was shock and I verbally expressed it and it was loud. That scared the girls and they naturally cried. You can see the shocked look on their faces when I yelled " what are you doing " I am not sure if they were showing each other how it was done but they were even cleaning their dolls. I just could not resist and had to snap their mischief behaviour. This is something I just had to laugh about and the girls felt better once I relaxed. I felt awful for my over reaction. They could have peed or pooped and then wiped but they were just playing and I the mean ogre had ruined their happy little world. I hugged them both and let them play mommy to the dolls instead of what they were doing. Kids do some funny things. WHAT !!!!! That was their response when I called out to them to figure out where they were playing. What did we do ???? Oh no ! your mommy is mad .... water works begin ....... All is well that ends well ......

Happy Birthday to Tara

Tara is a dear friend of mine that lives in Truckee. We really do not see other very much but she is my emergency contact and someone that I can really depend on. I would do anything for her. Her husband and my husband went to school together and have been friends for a long time. Tara has three beautiful children and my kids look forward to playing with them. It was a pleasure to have Tara come and visit me on her birthday.She is a pizza girl and eats it at least three times a week. She even served pizza at her wedding so it was fitting to order her some pizza. I also got her a cake and presents.It was a mini party. I was glad so glad that she chose to spend her special day with us even though it was only two hours. Tara hope you had a great birthday.

Reno Balloon Races ...Poodle amongst the bull dogs

This is from September 06, 2008 .This was an exhilarating experience and although I felt like a poodle amongst the bull dogs I worked with the camera I have and I am happy with some of my shots. There were so many Nikon DSLR cameras around me. These serious shooters set up their tripods and got some serious shots. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I could hardly contain my excitement of being there, down on the field with so many balloons all around me. I was so close I could touch it. I really could. Here are some of the shots I got at the Reno Balloon Races. It is an awesome display of color. For me this year has been the best experience. I met a woman there who owns my dream camera. I talked with her and we exchanged numbers. We decided to meet the next day without the kids. My husband thought I was crazy not only to get up at 3am but to go and meet someone I knew for five minutes. Well I consider myself a good judge of character and everything was fine. Jasmine's husband shared the same thoughts as mine did. We had a wonderful time together. I still wait patiently to purchase the camera I desire. Jasmine thank you so much for a great experience and for teaching me some tips and tricks and showing me your prized possession. I will wait patiently while I research the type of lens I should invest in and I will get the camera my heart desires. Thankfully I have a supportive husband and he wants me to get the one I want but it time. Hard to wait but wait is what I will do.

Take care !