Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I was the joke of the day

Okay for that last two weeks everyday at 10 am I have met with the same group of moms at the pool. We were all taking the kids to swim lessons. Priyasha is the youngest and loves the water. Being the youngest puts her at a disadvantage as she cannot reach the bottom of the pool at two and half feet. So she gets out of the pool and comes to me. I roll up my Capri's and walk with her in the water as far as I can without getting wet. I then hand her to her teacher and she is fine. I then stand on the edge of the pool and support her and even hold her hand. Well all the moms look at us and have this huge grin on their faces. They think it is cute, I think it looks silly. I look silly hanging over the pool in my clothes trying not to get wet.
Everyday I say that I should bring my swim suite and everyday I do not. Well today was an exception. I thought if I got in a swim suite it would help her. I joined the instructors and it was a hopeless idea.Priyasha got out of the pool and sat on the cement crying. She refused to get in the water with me. I stayed there and helped all the other kids out. I finally gave up and got dressed. She then got in the water with the teacher was as happy as a clam. Go figure. Women they start young. Sending all these mixed signals of what they really want.

Click happy

Been a away for a while now. I have been busy. Waiting for spider man to show up at my front door. I have so much to post and talk about. Many pictures to upload. My husband called me click happy the other day and I did not realize how true that was. I have finally moved all 27 000 pictures to my hard drive. I copy and pasted. That took four hours of baby sitting the laptop to make it was going without a glitch. I then deleted each file but only after I cross referenced each file. I gave it a quick glance which was not so quick with about 500 or so in each file. I was still afraid to empty out my recycle bin. I then could no longer view my pictures in the Kodak software as the link was broken. I had to call Kodak and they had me update to the latest version and helped me re - connect the pictures. That was another 3 hours. I am not very patient with the PC. First I click an icon and I am not sure if I clicked it so I double click. Still nothing happens so I click and click yet again for a total of about 8 or 9 clicks before it opens. That drove hubby insane and he called me click happy. When I told the Kodak guy I had 27 000 pictures he called me click happy too. Wow two men on separate continents call me the same thing. What's up with that. Anyway I later discovered after finally hitting the empty recycle bin button and searching for more pictures I still have 10 000 pictures on the laptop in different folders in different places on the laptop. Click happy is an understatement , don't you think ?