Monday, July 21, 2008

negative space photo challenge

2006 pictures
Okay so I cheated this time for the challenge. It has been an overwhelming week and I did take pictures and some were specific for the challenge like my daughter on the swing. I was browsing through my thousands of pictures and found these and thought that they would be great for the challenge. This is the annual Reno Balloon Races .Traditionally every year in September we get the kids up at 4am. I make hot chocolate in a huge thermos and pack some blankets. We head out in our jammies and watch the dawn patrol. It is an amazing event to witness and the kids especially Pravan looks forward to this. Hope these work and I had the right idea when taking the pictures.
Okay so I have too many. Some are from 2006 and some are from 2007 when mm y mom visited us from South Africa. Sorry could not narrow it down. It is a wekness I have. Looking forward to feed back.
2007 pictures

Monday Madness

The weekend is over and the madness has not left. Yesterday we went to a birthday party at Jump Man Jump. It is a place with bounce house's and lots of energetic kids. My son was playing a game with a bunch of grown ups and kids and all was going well. Then he wrestled with another kid over a ball. He refused to let the ball go and he fell to the ground and hit his head. I was not to far away and saw him laying on the ground. I went to comfort him and when I picked him up he collapsed in my arms. He got all stiff on me and his eyes rolled back into his head. It was very scary but he snapped right back. This was his third head injury since January. i am surprised he has not had a concussion as yet. I took the necessary pre-cautions watching over him through he night and waking him up several times to make sure he was okay. This morning I made an appointment to get his head examined by his paediatrician. He passed all the tests and was told to be more careful as he could bruise his brain. I love that little boy and he just gives me too many little heart attacks. I probably will restrict some activities for a while. Now he is doing well and playing just as hard. I watched two other kids today as my friend Suzanne needed to go to physical therapy. Her arm hurt her for a while and she discovered she has calcification on her arm and it is painful. Tomorrow I will watch another friends two kids as she had to go to a specialist. Lately all my friends have health issues and I feel like the old woman in a shoe. I can't seem to keep track of how many kids I have in the house. Until tomorrow.