Monday, July 21, 2008

negative space photo challenge

2006 pictures
Okay so I cheated this time for the challenge. It has been an overwhelming week and I did take pictures and some were specific for the challenge like my daughter on the swing. I was browsing through my thousands of pictures and found these and thought that they would be great for the challenge. This is the annual Reno Balloon Races .Traditionally every year in September we get the kids up at 4am. I make hot chocolate in a huge thermos and pack some blankets. We head out in our jammies and watch the dawn patrol. It is an amazing event to witness and the kids especially Pravan looks forward to this. Hope these work and I had the right idea when taking the pictures.
Okay so I have too many. Some are from 2006 and some are from 2007 when mm y mom visited us from South Africa. Sorry could not narrow it down. It is a wekness I have. Looking forward to feed back.
2007 pictures


Helen said...

oh how wonderful. What great photos these balloons made for. The colours against the morning sky are wonderful. Great job

Leah said...

These photos are beautiful!

Wendy said...

Beautiful Hot air balloon photos!! Looks like it is a great time for the whole family!! I am like you it is very hard to choose just a few photos to post...So my thinking is it is our blog and we can do whatever we want with it, post all the photos you want too!!