Monday, September 22, 2008

Photo Challenge # 17 Your morning

Okay here is what happens in my mornings. I am cranky but I get up as my kids are up and need to be taken care of. Hubby gets dressed and my poor kids have to deal with a super cranky mom. They are always in a hurry and can never seem to finish one thing before they are stepping in the direction of doing something else. Well I am usually yelling and saying " Your bowl will grow legs and walk o the sink right ?" Then Pravan will take his cereal bowl to the sink. In his hurry he will spill as he has a maid " me " to clean up after him. Along comes his sister and sits down beside him to be a part of this mess.
As mad as I was I had to snap some shots to capture what most people tel me are precious moments that I will miss when they are older. I doubt it but the who am I to question the older guys that have already experienced the joys of motherhood. I am sure they are right and I have the pictures to remember the moments I once dreaded and will in the future cherish.
This is the one I choose for the challenge. The look of fear is priceless. He said " Why won't it stop dripping ? "
"Here brother I will help you". She followed him to the sink with her bowl but put hers on the floor after he spilled.
I am taking a break. I am hungry from working so hard.
" I can't get it to stop falling."

Pravan is a great kid but haste makes waste and he is always in a hurry which promotes clumsiness and accidents. I really was not mad but I wish the morning were not so crazy and I was not so grumpy. I always seem to be reminding the kids of what needs to be done and there is a clock ticking before he gets the bus. That is why mom yells. It is to keep Pravan from running late.

Well ladies I hope you like these pictures. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking.


Do you feel the crisper days. The days are shorter and the nights seem longer but never long enough for me. It is easier to get the kids into bed on time. Fall is in the air for sure. Today is actually the last day of summer. Oh my goodness. I will have to take a few pictures of the kids just playing outside. Before I we know it will be cold and we have to stay indoors.
Lately I have not been taking too many pictures. What is wrong with me ? Over the weekend Pravan tried out with the cub scouts and he did very well. He loves it and I am going to sign him up. That should be a lot of fun. I have taken some pictures of him with my palm but have not figured how to transfer them to the pc. I will do that this week. I also have the best picture for photo challenge this week and I need to upload that tonight.It will be real late as tonight is the premier for Heroes. I have a ton of projects to work on so I can justify couch potatoe time. I also have a spin class earlier tonight. Busy busy ! The challenge was to document what happens in your morning. Well that's all for now. I hear the school bus outside so I got to run.
Take care