Friday, August 22, 2008

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Sparks water fountain

Today I was so tired and really wanted to just clean the house. I knew I had a busy weekend so I planned on being lazy. Well I was consumed with guilt and took the kids out to a fun place. It is in the next town over and they have a water fountain where the kids can run around and get wet. It was the last Friday at home before school and I felt the need to make it fun. It was about 95 degrees and the perfect day to get wet. I have been busy all summer and did not get a chance to to this so today we did. The kids had a blast . Candice met me there with here kids Dylan and Raya. They all play so well together. Dylan ended up coming home with us and he and Pravan continued playing. The highlight for Priyasha at this place was all the planes going by. It is in the flight path of Reno airport and there were frequent planes going by. Priyasha always ran to me and said " look mama , a plane, it a huge one " She is so dramatic and so expressive. You have got to hear her say it. It was an exhausting day and I still have much cleaning to do. Have a good night.