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Glitter and Gold, Fairies and dust, Magical childhood is a must !

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Glitter and Gold, 
Fairies and dust, 
Magical childhood is a must !

Being a child is surely a wonderful thing, the laughter and excitement and the glow on their faces when the fairy visits or when Santa comes makes being a MOM truly amazing. So why is loosing a teeth so special... It is a SMILESTONE !!! 

Read on to learn a little about the tooth fairy and some beliefs.... 

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Inflation seems to have crept into the tooth fairy’s economy as the price of a tooth seems to be going up. According to records back in the 40's a kid was paid a dime and in the 1950's that quickly changed to a shiny new quarter.In the 60's the Kennedy half dollar was more common and this quickly changed to a dollar in the in the 70's and 80's. So in the 90's to the 2000's it varies from a dollar to five dollars.

Seems as thought the going rate in 3rd grade is $5. So Pravan was thrilled to redeem 5 gold coins per tooth and bonus coins for setting out 2 teeth and saving the fairy a trip. After all the fairy has to figure out a way to get in the house, bypass the cat, find the right room, bunk beds can be an issue. How does she know a kid lost a tooth anyway ? How does she do the currency conversions ? Carry all those GOLD coins  ?? 

Her only source of light is the fairy dust so she shed a ton of it everywhere. The bookcase, window sill, ladder, pillows, sheets, floors and even Pravan's hair. Boy did she make a mess. A huge mess, no fault of her own... Special fairy dust makes her fly and touching a human child makes her shed.... she has to be cleansed before she returns to tooth heaven.

So after the tooth fairy visited last night I spent hours sucking up the glitter with the vacuum hose.. and still there will be glitter everywhere.... Pravan loved every bit of this....He laughed as I whined and whined and I tried endlessly to vacuum up all the evidence she left behind. He says that I should not blame her as she was bringing him treasures and had no intention of making mommy mad. Princess piped in and told me that she was super excited and needed to shed more glitter to carry two teeth. She is about the size of Thumbelina so two teeth would weight more than she does... LOL !!!

Perhaps it is a reward for a "passing of age." A lost tooth is one of the first signs of growing up. It was not too long ago I was making notes of each tooth and documenting when they came in. Now I find I am doing the opposite.Perhaps a piece of childhood is lost with every lost tooth.

There are many stories available on the internet as to how the tooth fairy came to be. Here are some traditions of other countries:

Centuries ago in Europe it was common practice to bury a tooth in the ground.One reason for this ritual was the superstition, that if a witch got a hold of the tooth, a curse could be placed on the child, (as with fingernail clippings and/or hair). So by burying their children's teeth, this unfortunate curse was prevented from happening.

In some countries there is a mouse instead of a fairy ( I love the idea of the tooth fairy, Oh by the way have you watched the movie... " Tooth Fairy " My kids and I loved it... You should watch it...It is a barrel of laughs and giggles...

Other countries like Taiwan and Greece instruct their children to throw their tooth on the roof for good luck.

In Argentina and Sweden, a child places his or her tooth in a glass of water. Overnight
a Magical Mouse drinks the water, takes the tooth and leaves money.


                                                                                       Two teeth for the fairy to collect ...

Pravan was excited to put his teeth under his pillow... I am so glad that we have a tooth fairy and no longer have a mouse or rat to collect the teeth. Now if she can lay of the glitter on her next trip. I may have to use a night light the night she is expected...heheehehehee....


Pravan's teeth are ready to exchange for his treasure....

And here is his treasure...... 5 gold coins for each tooth and one bonus for each tooth since he saved her a trip... that is 12 gold coins but he got 11 and two half dollar coins, she knew he has been collecting special coins....

I got out of bed just in time to freeze this special moment... These are the special moments that make motherhood soooo rewarding.... 

Pravan got a letter from the tooth fairy and a certificate showing when she took the teeth away and his address... I will post at the end of this post for a closer view... Yeah the tooth fairy is up to technology speed and made sure mommy got an emailed copy for the scrapbook.... heheheeee....


                                            reading his letter ....

Of course it doesn’t end there. Children often ask  "what happens to my teeth after the tooth fairy takes it away ? " Parents have had many different answers to this question. For example: The Tooth Fairy 

- Gives them to newborn babies who don’t have any teeth as yet.
- Gives the teeth to Santa to give to dolls in his workshop or turn into jewellery.
- Turns them into seashells for fish to live in
- Plants them in her garden and grows children
- Grinds them into fairy dust that she uses to enable her to fly.
- Makes tooth castles in the sky.

- Turns the teeth into the stars of the night sky. 

The tooth fairy certificate

Whatever the answer, the story of the Tooth Fairy has endured for hundreds of years and will surely endure for hundreds more to come.
The traditions mentioned in here about the witch and tooth mouse was information I read on various sites. I do not take credit for it nor did I make it up.

And that's the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

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