Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Labor day to me

Today at the party as my guests trickle in I was scramming around to get everything set up and ready. Shyla who is Teddy's mom approached me and handed me a gift first I thought it was for Pravan so I smiled and said " thank you " She then said happy labor day. I was all confused and I was thinking that it was not labor day for while. She then said said " this is for you , for being in labor with Pravan " I laughed and gave her a hug. Isn't that sweet. I have never heard of that but I felt so special. Thank you Shyla. You are so sweet and thoughtful.

Time to Party ! ! ! !

Sorry lately I have been writing essays. I have to sit down tonight and upload more pictures. No I will never slow down with how many pictures I snapped. That is my my passion. I have to look at them all and will share with you. Today I was up early and almost everything was in place. It is supposed be in the 100's today so last night I froze the water bottles. This should help keep the people cool. I loaded up the car, hubby and kids and we stopped and got some ice. I had several other moms bring some coolers as well. We then got pizza and headed to Lazy 5.
Normally you have to pay $50 to reserve a table and still pay $2 per person to enter. I took a gamble and did not reserve a table. I called a few days ahead to see if there were any reservations. There was only one and since there were two pavilions available I knew I would have the other. The trick was to get there early. I did but there was another gentleman that beat me to the shady table. I asked him if we could share the table and possibly leave the food in the shade. He smile and was sweet and said " all I need is this 2sq ft of shade and the rest is yours " I thanked him and learnt that he had two boys of his own and a friend as well which made three boys. I offered them some treats and asked them to join the party. As he sat there enjoying his 2 sq ft of shade he observed everything and we chatted periodically. Well it was not too long after the treasure hunt, he tapped me on the shoulder and this is what he said. " Easperee, I have got to tell you that you are an OVER ACHIEVING PARENT "You could almost see my head swell up bigger than a watermelon. That was the nicest compliment ever and from a stranger. I felt great and it was the highlight of my day. I was all smiles ear to ear and could not stop thinking about that. I gave him my blog address and he did leave a comment. See below.
My guests showed up and Pravan was excited. Priyasha was a clingy little daddy's girl. I was happy setting up for the party. I had all my clues ready to go and this is how it worked.
The kids had to find some fruit gushers at the water fountain. They looked like crystals and was perfect for this. As they picked their energy crystals they discovered clue 2. The looked so excited and listened attentively to me reading clue 2.
It was over 100 degrees so I purposely planned breaks so the kids would not get dehydrated. We headed back to base and the kids got their treatment. I made a snack out of goldfish. teddy grahams. m& m's and marshmallows. I served it in a small ice-cream cone and the kids devoured it. They could hardly wait to hear clue 3.
I found these cool cubes at the part store. They changed shapes and formed pictures of transformers. It was perfect for this clue and I found a sandy patch outside the gate which was supposed to be the desert. I kids raced to find their cubes and clue 4. We headed back to base inside the park.
I served the kids jello which looked like energy crystals and I served that in a foil lined cupcake liner. It was perfect. The kids were not shy and asked the gatekeeper for the next clue.
The gatekeeper was the lady at the window that let you into the park. She was a great sport and read the clue to the kids. They quickly figured out it was in my car and they raced to the parking lot. I was nervous about them going onto the road. I ran as fast as I could and along the way I kicked off my sandals to run faster. I felt like a little kid and it was so much fun. The kids discovered the all spark cube and inside there was their loot bags. I covered up a square box with foil and it was the all spark cube.
We headed back to have cake and open presents. The sparkler candles I had for his party melted as it registered 107 degrees. Even the left over jello turned into liquid. I had never seen that happen before. It was incredible. Well luckily for Pravan we have a candle he has to blow out every year until he is twenty one. He had the biggest candle any kid ever had. We then opened up presents and Pravan got some awesome stuff. He got several gift cards to the toy store as well and now he may have enough money to get his leapster dig j . It is a hand held game toy that is educational. We said goodbye to all our guests and cleaned up before heading home.
Well I was exhausted but the day was far from being over. Pravan had to go to another party and go to the pool at 3:30pm and then have pizza and a sleep over. Well we wanted him to rest so he headed over to Thomas's house for pizza around 6pm. Pravan did not want to stay for the sleep over so we picked him up around 9:15 pm. I also watched Keara from 6pm - 9pm. It was a long long day. When everybody was asleep I got my much deserved peace and quiet. When my head hit the pillow at 12:30 am I was asleep right away. Yes I am still a night owl no matter how tired I am. Well next year things may not be so hectic with a party. We plan on taking Pravan on a trip or doing something else he wants to do.
Take care and thanks for reading this incredibly long post.