Friday, July 11, 2008

Pee Happens

Hello, It was a busy morning on Wednesday. We went to swim lessons at 10 am and by 10:45 am I was driving from Reno to Truckee ( 45 mins ). No big deal. I made sure Priyasha had used the potty so we would be okay for the drive. I always carry my portable potty in the car just in case we have emergencies or a prissy moment like last week. I had her car seat lined with the bed liners you get at the hospital and a car pad cover made for potty training kids. Everything was going smoothly and we were happily singing to kid songs. There was some minor construction but we kept going until there was a lane merge. All of a sudden I was going 15 mph instead of 65mph. Then I hear the dreaded phrase " mama I have to go pee pee " " okay baby can you hold it ? " I responded. She shook her head and I was happy. A few minutes later she said the same thing and so we went for three more rounds then I looked at her and she had a scared look. I knew she could no longer hold it. Her poor little bladder was about to burst and I could tell it hurt her. Luckily there was a place for me to pull over. There was just a ton of traffic and lots of trucks. I got stares as I walked over to the passenger door to get her out. I just could not resist taking several pictures. I just had too. I reached for my camera and preserved this moment for my high maintenance beauty queen. The joys of motherhood just keeps on going and someday she will be able to look at these pictures and laugh. So take the opportunity to snap some of your own Kodak moments. Post me a comment and a link back to see what you have captured.

Fill the frame

Hello lens pals, Here are several pictures I took for the challenge. I did crop the rose picture a little but the ones of my kids were taken that way. I was at a friends birthday party and I found the caterpillar so I used him to pose in the flower for me. See the bee hidden in flower. Camera shy I guess. This caterpillar was had to capture on film. Need more practice with a moving target. I just love peonies and so did the pillar. I threatened to spank the little girl and when I came around the corner I found her in her brothers arms. She said " buther tect me' ( brother protect me ) The bond between these two is incredible and I can only hope it lasts forever. Ladies I found this awesome photography tutorial if anyone is interested. Thank you so much for putting this challenge blog together. It motivated me to contact Kodak and request a copy of the users manual which I intend on reading for the first time. Thanks to all you creative people out there.