Monday, August 4, 2008

under the weather

okay you would never tell from all the things I got done today. I have a scratchy throat which is driving me insane. Most people get sick with a cold, cough or sore throat but I get this itchy throat that makes me feel sick to my stomach all day. I guess it could be worse. This morning I hung out at Maya's house and her pool. She waited on me and fed me good food. She is an awesome cook and we love to hang out at her place. She has a beautiful backyard and a pool, fire pit and a hot tub. Living the good life and I get play with all the other moms. I am the only mom with a two year old and the other moms youngest kid is six. That makes me not as relaxed as they are as I am still int he chasing after the kid mode and need to be home by nap time. It will get better soon but for now I am getting a workout with the terrific two's.
I spent the afternoon with Pravan planning his party. I got the sewing machine out put away the power drill finally. Pravan helped me cut some fabric for the goody bags we will sew. I will post pics for all the part planning on the day of the party. We had another bite on the Xterra today and this time we hope it will be a sale. Tomorrow will determine if this couple will get a loan to but the car. We have had it on the market since April. It is a SUV which makes the sale hard with the rising prices in gas. Well if it works out that will be a reason to celebrate. Okay that's it for today. I am going to have some hot tea and watch Sex in the City. Yes I said tea. I will miss the martini but tea is better for my throat. Good nite !

photo challenge signs

This is for the weekly challenge on
Okay these are not the most creative signs out there. These part few weeks have been crazy and I just can't let go of any one thing in my life to slow down. This is the best I could do for this weeks challenge. Below are some signs before we got to the lava beds national park and the signs to help me remember the names of the caves. This was an awesome trip and I would recommend it to people that have boys and are adventurous, not afraid to get dirty or the dark. Who am I kidding you cannot separate boys and dirt right ! ! ! Enjoy !
You know there is a reason for signs. It gives us information we need. The sign below is a sign I drive by often but never really took the time to read. I finally decided to take the kids to this awesome smelling place and what do you think happened. I showed up on a Monday and they were closed. Figures ah ! I did go back the next day. It pays to read, really read everything. You can see more pictures and a post about lavender ridge in an older post. Also if you click on my image above it will take you to all my pics. Thanks for looking.