Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Premier Week

Now that the nights are cooler and it is darker so early it is time to curl up on the couch and enjoy all the favorite shows.Wow since I can hardly stay awake late anymore I have recorded the two hour premier of Hero's. I am now several hours behind and will need to play catch up on my shows. Tonight however is the hot sexy Lipstick Jungle. I cannot wait. I found the themes song and added to my blog. If you want to listen to that hit the play button after you pause the ipod. Hope you can figure it out. I will have to see if I can add to ipod.Tomorrow is Grey's Anatomy and Survivor. The only show hubby watches with me. Also this week on DVD is Sex in the City .... I am not usually a movie gal but this is one movie that is on my Christmas list. Phewww !!! That is a lot of couch time. That is why I am been working out so much. Now if I can stay away from the munchies the workouts will be beneficial. SO what is the difference between watching TV on the couch and sleeping ? We are in one place for both. Well I read somewhere that you actually burn more calories sleeping than you do when watching TV. It makes sense if you are eating and watching TV. Food for thought....
Hope you will have a fun night.

Mommy to the rescue

This morning like always I put Pravan on the bus and headed back inside with Priyasha. I planned on making myself a nice cup of tea and a sunny side up egg. I never do that. I always jump right into my day. I thought it would be different today. I thought I would relax. I have been so sore from working out everyday since last Wednesday. The only break I have taken was Sunday. This morning I was supposed to do the step class but last night I was in pain all night. The muscles hurt. I can barely stay awake past 10pm anymore.
As I was frying my egg the cell phone rang and I was expecting Candice to call as I was watching Raya today. Well it was another mom Maya who informed me that the bus was not at school as it broke down. i went into panic mode. It is the second time it broke down in two weeks. I was not happy. Luckily I had showered but Priyasha's hair looked like a tornado went through it. I grabbed her with no shoes and hopped into the car wearing hot pink slacks and apple green socks. I like bright colors okay ! My hair was in a bun and my teeth was not brushed. This is the new description or part of it for being mom. Well I could have been in jammies with no bra on like I was yesterday holding up the traffic on the round about. There was a substitute bus driver so he failed to stop at my house. Pravan has buddies on the bus and like to ride on it. I would have taken him to school but he insisted we stop the bus. I parked on the side of the road so he would stop. Along with stopping him I stopped the entire neighborhood traffic. I know all those people late for work were cussing me out. I did wear a jacket to cover up but I was in my slippers with tornado hair. The bus driver appeared confused and kind of argued with me about where my stop was. I just wanted to get back in the car so I said " I am in my slippers " He let me go but insisted I get int he car and drive ahead of him. I was not sure that was what he wanted so I stood there like an idiot and all the cars were lined up. Boy I wish I could have taken a picture. that would have really pissed them off. Silly me.
Anyway I drove around the neighborhood looking for the broken bus and then I followed the new bus that was headed over to get all the kids. It was now 9:30 am and Pravan has been on the bus since 8:15am. He and the others were late for school. He got a pass when we checked in at the office.I took him to class and came home. The mornings are very stressful and I will plan on driving him in for the rest of the week. I called the district and voiced my concerns over the safety of the kids. The school bus needs to be checked and we as parents need of my mind. That is something I do not have once he leaves my protection and steps into the real world. I need to accept that but do we as parents ever stop worrying ?