Sunday, August 24, 2008

The night before First Grade

Last year I had a friend but Pravan a book called the night before Kindergarten. This year I could not find that book locally. My last resort was to request a copy at the library. It came several days ago. We layed out his clothes and shoes. The backpack was hanging at the front door and his lunchbox was on the kitchen counter waiting to be stuffed in the morning with goodies. I secretly printed out some lunch notes to hide in there for him to try to read. In anticipation of his first day we curled up and read a few books. This is a new tradition I have adopted. I read to him the book called " The night before First Grade " and " First Grade takes a test " I wanted to prepare him on what to expect. We set out the clothes he picked out and his brand new sketcher's he chose. I also gave him $3 and a wallet to keep in his backpack incase he forgot his lunch. He could purchase hot lunch for $2.50. I do not care for what is on the menu but incase he forgets his lunch he will not go hungry.
I was excited for Pravan. I know he was excited too but he seemed unsure of what would happen. Well life as he knows it is about to change yet again. This is an exciting time. I can still remember my first day of pre-school. Hopefully he will remember one of his first days. How can he not with all the pictures I take ? I feel a little sad too as he is growing up so fast. My style of parenting is also changing to accommodate his changes. Well I think we are bought ready for a change, a new day, a new chapter and a new beginning and another of many first's. Tomorrow being the first day of First Grade !

Donner Lake

Today is the last day before school and we have spent the day at the Lake. Donner Lake is so beautiful. I never made it up to Lake Tahoe this summer at all. It is about an hour away from Reno. Apart from Todd driving to Truckee everyday and the rising price in gas I have been incredibly busy. That is going to be my new years resolution. I need to slow down.
Today was the picnic for the Town of Truckee employees. The kids were happy to get another chance to play in the sand. The water was cold but they did not seem to mind. Todd even took a dip. It scared Priyasha and she ran toward the water in an attempt to rescue her daddy. That is the picture of her holding his hand walking in the water. She was bringing her dad back to shore. It was very adorable to listen to her panic stricken little voice. Pravan had a great time building sand castles. The kids also played at the playground while we waited for dinner to be ready.I off course enjoyed it all through my lens. It was a hot day and it was a hot day and we had a good time. Pravan also had a good time playing the sling shot type of game with golf balls on a string. It was scary to watch as the kids were just aiming blindly and it was a bad idea if the path was not clear. It was a long day and we were all tired.