Tuesday, May 27, 2008

boo boo

Dress from great grandma

It's raining it's pouring

Today is a very wet day and it is supposed to be this way the whole week. I sit here and blog while my kids take a nap. Keara is with me today and she just loved story time this morning. Priyasha spilled her bowl of chicken noodle soup and I was scared that she scalded her legs. I had to take care of her while Keara sat in the high chair screaming for more food. For a minute I was stressed and really missed my five year old helper. I opened the kitchen tap and stuck her leg under cold running water and she is doing better. No burn marks thankfully. Pravan went to a friends house for a play date so it was just the girls. He came home a short while ago and is now doing homework.

The doorbell was on overtime today. First the UPS guy showed up with a delivery from Cuisinart. They sent me a replacement lid for my husband's expensive coffee maker that has been on a very long vacation. This afternoon the DHL man showed up with pieces for a very deformed trampoline in my backyard. My mother bought this for the kids and for Christmas.It is now almost June and for whatever reason it has never worked. I exchanged it twice to the store and still each time it did not work. I called the manufacturer and they said that they will send out a
pre-stretched mat as the one in the box contracted in the cold weather. After much convincing my sweet husband set it up again and it was going great until the very last spring was attached and it buckled again. We are both ready to throw it in the dump. I called the manufacturer again and they said it might be the top rails that are deformed. The DHL man showed up with two packages of metal top rails and a box with another mat. How much more can they stretch that mat. Now the bribing with back rubs and more will begin with my husband once again. This time if it does not work god help me , I will take it to the dump myself. Here is a pic of the deformed trampoline. I hope to work on it again soon and post a pic of how it should look. Will keep you posted.

Shortly after the DHL man another mom dropped Pravan off and suprised me with a bag full of books for Priyasha. Thanks Teri ! I appreciate it.

Well tonight I am working late so I won't be able to post any scrapbooking stuff. I promise I have some good things to come. Just give me a week and after my son graduates I will have more time for scrapbook related stuff. Have a wonderful day.

Free Spirit !