Friday, October 31, 2008

How to carve a pumpkin

The very first step is to pick one out either at a farm or the supermarket. We drove about two hours away and made it a day trip as a family. Reno does have a few pumpkin farms though. We enjoy the drive and the get away.
Then you pick out a design that will work with your pumpkin. My kids picked hard ones for me. They helped a little but not with the knives. I have special tools and a battery operated carving knife which is a life saver. Pravan insisted on helping with the knife and I let him but just for a short while.
You draw a circle on top of the pumpkin that will be the lid.
My kids love to pry it away from the pumpkin and sometimes it can be tough. I love when they pull it out and look at all the seeds that are stuck on it.
Then you spend some time scooping out the seeds. It is a long process when you are stuck with four. Hubby does not like crafty things and I love it so it is easier for me to help with this type of things. I do not scoop out too much of the flesh as I cannot be bothered and really do not like a pumpkin that is skinny. We all did our fair share to scoop out the insides.
Priyasha was freaked out as the strings were slimy and sticky. She could not get it off her fingers and started to scream. I thought it was so funny. She then looked at me and said " that ezzz not tunny " ( that is not funny ). I was even more amused as she was mad at this point. She calmed down after we took a break and the pumpkin princess was happy once again.
You then attach your pattern and poke lots of tiny holes with the special poky tool.Remove the pattern and you start carving. Use knife to cut away extra flesh from behind the design you carved.
Replace the lid and remember it is like a puzzle now and will fit just one way. The way to cut it out. Place a battery operated candle inside and watch it glow. To have your jack -o-lantern last longer you can place in the refrigerator. I do not do that.I never have room in the refrigerator and I have two. I love being stocked up with food at all times. I carve mine the night before Halloween.
Admire your hard work and place by the front door.
Thanks for looking at all the memories we create.
Hope you carved a delightful pumpkin. Please add a link to the one you have carved.

Happy Halloween

Today I am up in Truckee California at a friend's house. Our husbands work together and at lunch time we will go to the office with the kids all dressed up in their costumes. I made it through yesterday. I was so exhausted that I was falling asleep while watching CSI. I am such a tv junkie. I am so behind with the DVR recordings and I hope to catch up this weekend. Well I got my second wind and made it through watching Grey's Anatomy that was recorded as well.
Carving the pumpkins took me about two long hours. Pravan insisted on the hard patterns yet I was left to carve them out while they watched a Halloween movie. Well it was relaxing and I am impressed with the end result. I think I enjoy the end result more than the process sometimes.
Here are some pics for you to enjoy. I have so many more and will make a slide show out of it. Don't hold your breath though. Things will calm down after today. Have a wonderful weekend.
without flash on the front step. with flash on the front step.
Yes that is a white pumpkin that Pravan insisted on picking at the pumpkin farm. It was actually easier to carve than the orange ones. It was much softer.
In the kitchen with the lights off. Priyasha insisted on using her flashlight. The excitement on their faces is great. This is after I set the lights in the pumpkins and called them to see the end result.
Free Spirit !