Monday, June 23, 2008


Every year for the kids birthdays I send out a milestone letter as well as a family picture. Yes we do several family pictures a year. One for each of the kids and then one for christmas. My hubby is a sweetheart but he does not like pictures. He aims to please me and I love him for it. Here is the letter for Priyasha.

Dear Friends and Family,

Our little princess is now two going on twenty. This past year has been an amazing one. She is so full of surprises. You just never know what is going to come out of her mouth. In the past year Priyasha has developed into her own little person and now she and her brother still play very well for the most part. She loves her brother very much and it is a delight to watch them be so close. If Priyasha is in trouble and we yell at her she cries and calls out “ bother , bother “ Pravan immediately runs to her and hugs her and calms her down. There has been times when he was the only that can calm her down and stop the tears. Priyasha like any other little girl is a drama queen and she is very much daddy’s little girl and loves to watch basketball, football and Mad money with daddy. If you ask her whose princess she is, she will say “THE PRINCE’S PRINCESS” Isn’t that smart? She calls me the queen and Todd the king and that makes Pravan the prince. He is the very protective brother and we can only hope that never changes.

Priyasha loves little babies and she plays mommy. She takes great care of her baby dolls and pretends to change diapers and feed them and put them to sleep. She is my singer and sings all day long. She has actually learned how to spell the color black by singing it to the tune of Bingo. She almost knows how to spell red as well and Pravan is working on teaching her the other colors. She is very intelligent for her age. She knows all her colors, shapes, ABC’s and animal sounds too. Pravan works hard on learning how to spell words and it seems like he has also been teaching her .She can also spell about. It is a random word and one morning I heard her spell it and my jaw dropped. I could hardly believe my ears. She speaks very clearly and almost anyone can understand her. She has mastered almost all the kids’ songs and also knows the songs from Pravan’s kindergarten class. She is always sassy, simply smart, really silly, sweet, stylish, truly unique, affectionate, an absolute joy to have and completely loved. She is very dramatic and shows it when she gets a surprise or present. Most times she places both her hands on her cheeks and mouth wide open and screams out “oh my goodness “in a very delightful voice. It is the funniest thing and yet so adorable.

She looks up to the older girls and loves to play dress up. Last year she was obsessed with Dora and called herself Dora and even was Dora for Halloween. Well a year later she has moved onto the strawberry shortcake shows and dolls and her collection is growing. She is a very happy girl. She enjoys playing tea party and pretends to cook in her little kitchen. She also loves to play transformers and hot wheels with her brother. She loves the camera and also mommy’s credit cards. At the store she insists on paying by swiping my card. I hope that when she is older and earns her own money the offer will still be there. Her biggest accomplishment is that she has mastered how to use the bathroom and is 100% potty trained right when she turned two. She got to pick out different character panties and is very independent and has to pick out her own clothes in the morning. Todd caught her trying on several different outfits the other day. In the mornings she has her own routine and a beauty regimen. She always tells me “mama booty is painful “She loves to brush her teeth and have Dora Chap Stick and lotion. She calls it lipstick and I hope she does not figure out that it really is Chap Stick. She also likes perfume and has her own baby cologne. She asks to have her eyes painted just like mommy and sometimes I play along. She loves the kid make up but we save that for special dress up time. Like all parents out there with wonderful kids we are very proud of our baby girl and all her accomplishments. Here is a recent picture of Priyasha for you to enjoy.

Proud parents, proud big brother, and sweet /sassy girl,
Todd, Easperee, Pravan and Priyasha

Day one of exercise program


The busy weekend is over and my crazy week begins.We went to a cool birthday party yesterday and the kids had a blast. Hubby took the morning off and I had the afternoon to myself. He had several things including working out in his time off. I as you may know spent my time at the scrapbook store as well as Michael's. I got to have the afternoon with Suzanne and we had a great time.Speaking of work outs, last week I purchased a work out DVD from those television ads. It is a beach body workout with 5 ten min workouts. It came with a schedule to do at least 3 ten min workouts a day. I am determined to stick to the schedule. I got in 2o mins for the day already and I have 10 more mins to squeeze in by midnight. I am excited and this is the most fun workout I have ever tried.

Today Pravan was at a friends house for the morning and I had Priyasha and Keara. We hung out and blew bubbles before lunch and now they are both napping. Pravan is back and he is playing water guns with himself in the backyard. I have a long night with Keara maybe until 11pm. I look forward to taking her back to her house around 8pm as I have peace and quite and a break from my kids. I am almost done with getting together all the stuff I need to mail out to family and friends. Priyasha's two year letter and Pravan's graduation announcements. I hope to get them in the mail tomorrow. I will then post them on the blog.

Take care !