Monday, June 23, 2008

Day one of exercise program


The busy weekend is over and my crazy week begins.We went to a cool birthday party yesterday and the kids had a blast. Hubby took the morning off and I had the afternoon to myself. He had several things including working out in his time off. I as you may know spent my time at the scrapbook store as well as Michael's. I got to have the afternoon with Suzanne and we had a great time.Speaking of work outs, last week I purchased a work out DVD from those television ads. It is a beach body workout with 5 ten min workouts. It came with a schedule to do at least 3 ten min workouts a day. I am determined to stick to the schedule. I got in 2o mins for the day already and I have 10 more mins to squeeze in by midnight. I am excited and this is the most fun workout I have ever tried.

Today Pravan was at a friends house for the morning and I had Priyasha and Keara. We hung out and blew bubbles before lunch and now they are both napping. Pravan is back and he is playing water guns with himself in the backyard. I have a long night with Keara maybe until 11pm. I look forward to taking her back to her house around 8pm as I have peace and quite and a break from my kids. I am almost done with getting together all the stuff I need to mail out to family and friends. Priyasha's two year letter and Pravan's graduation announcements. I hope to get them in the mail tomorrow. I will then post them on the blog.

Take care !

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