Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reno Balloon Races ...Poodle amongst the bull dogs

This is from September 06, 2008 .This was an exhilarating experience and although I felt like a poodle amongst the bull dogs I worked with the camera I have and I am happy with some of my shots. There were so many Nikon DSLR cameras around me. These serious shooters set up their tripods and got some serious shots. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I could hardly contain my excitement of being there, down on the field with so many balloons all around me. I was so close I could touch it. I really could. Here are some of the shots I got at the Reno Balloon Races. It is an awesome display of color. For me this year has been the best experience. I met a woman there who owns my dream camera. I talked with her and we exchanged numbers. We decided to meet the next day without the kids. My husband thought I was crazy not only to get up at 3am but to go and meet someone I knew for five minutes. Well I consider myself a good judge of character and everything was fine. Jasmine's husband shared the same thoughts as mine did. We had a wonderful time together. I still wait patiently to purchase the camera I desire. Jasmine thank you so much for a great experience and for teaching me some tips and tricks and showing me your prized possession. I will wait patiently while I research the type of lens I should invest in and I will get the camera my heart desires. Thankfully I have a supportive husband and he wants me to get the one I want but it time. Hard to wait but wait is what I will do.

Take care !

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