Thursday, October 6, 2011

Promises, bribes, threats,rewards..what would parenting be without these ?

Hello World,
Don't know how much you know about me and what I do ? Well it would take a long time to list it all. I am sure it is the same for many moms. Some would consider me to be like and onion , but I do not make people cry, then there is the cabbage, but it is stiff and hard, so I would like to be like a rose , nooo that has thorns,, so a Dahlia I shall compare myself to. What am I talking about ? Layers.. I have many layers ( Oh this reminds me of the clip in Shrek, onions have layers, ogres have layers ) My version is Dahlia's have many layers and people have layers, I have layers and layers.

Click here Shrek video clip to see the video clip. I cannot believe that I found this clip just by googling for it. Amazing technology. See I am already off on a tangent. Like many many of you out there I do a juggling act every single day and I wear many hats to achieve all the things I do. 

So anyway I will get to my story. On Wednesday Priyasha was having an emotional morning and was being very clingy. She is in kindergarten and usually rides the bus. Every so often I drop her off at school on my way to the office or to the gym. On Tuesdays I stay and help in her classroom. Well on Wednesday she decided to imitate the old fashion velcro. She clung to my legs and my heart raced with panic. Her teacher looked at me and re-assured me that she will be fine. I felt helpless as she was peeled of my legs. I walked out of the classroom and did not look back till I was out of her site. I stood outside the gate staring at her classroom and sighed a deep ***siiigghhhh**
What's a mom to do ? I did what was right, I keep on trekking.. I went to the gym and did a kick ass workout... all the while thinking of my baby girl.

Drenched in sweat I stopped by the school again to check in on her and she was fine just like her teacher had promised me. So all sounds good right ? Wait, rewind to when she was crying and holding onto me...her little girlfriend Lauren was also crying and holding her mommy. We met Lauren on day one and she is having a really hard time adjusting to being away from mom. Some of why Missy cries is because she sees someone else cry. She is my sensitive one.

I was so heartbroken to see them both cry, I had a GENIUS MOMENT ...NOT !!!! Have you ever open your mouth and said something and then wanted to reach in your mouth and tie up your tongue in a knot... Yep that was me. I bribed the girls and told them that Lauren could come over and have a playdate tomorrow ( Thursday ). Wait there is more and we can bake cookies... Now remember I work, I had two closings this week, 5 active buyers and cub scouts and girl scouts in the works..yeah did I mention I had layers...

So the minute I suggested it, I wondered how the heck I was going to pull it off. Well I did and it was a blast. I had the other mom follow me home and she visited for a while. Then when she left we baked brownies. I chose to go with the package kind to keep this a simple task for five year olds. We also had very little time to pull it off. The girls learned to measure, take turns and be patient. Lauren had to be picked up right when the brownies were ready. I sent her home with some yummy brownies. It was easy enough for the girls.They did make a mess but it is no fun with no mess right ?

 Now I need to work it off tomorrow with my body sculpting instructor wah wah !!

Okay so a very good friend of mine Kelly has a point.
She said This is such a sweet thing you did for two little girls. What memories they will have!!!! "  
She also added " That is so adorable! It may have been a bribe in the beginning, but now it is a wonderful memory in the start of a little girl's friendship "

Kellie thank you for being a great friend and for stopping by for tea today. Kellie started her own blog about motherhood too. Please stop by her blog and say hi. She needs some encourage in our wonderful blog world. You can find her here

Hope you enjoy my pictures.

Thank you for stopping by...

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