Monday, December 22, 2008

christmas mice

I have been very busy lately. We have been baking cookies, sewing jammies and cleaning, wrapping and shopping. Pravan had a xmas party in school on Friday and I made all the kids in his class as well as all the cub scout kids one of these. It is a funny story about how I got the pattern to re-create these. Several months ago I was in line at Jo-ann's fabric store. The lady in front of me was buying a lot of the green and red felt in squares. I asked her what she was making and she was more than happy to talk about it. I also asked her where you got the pattern from and she said from an old magazine. She was sweet and asked me for my address and promised to mail it to me. Well weeks went by and then out of the blue it showed up in my mail box. she also sent me one so I could see it made. I would thank her but all I have is her first name and cannot find her. Well I doubt she will ever find my blog but here's a big thanks to Kathy. You were so sweet to share with me and now we have made more kids happy together. So fo those that are reading here are some pics of the mice.


Jessica's Handmade Boutique said...

Oh my gosh these are so cute. I want the directions. Can you send it to me on my e-mail. Sorry I didn't get your message until now and it's to late to call. I will call you tomorrow(Tuesday)

Melissa S said...

oh those mice were sooo cute!!! Merry Christmas my friend!