Monday, September 29, 2008

The best and worst moments in a 6year old's day

I try very hard to tuck my children into bed every night. My wonderful husband is good at that and he does it a lot of time. Tonight I let him finish the last bit of his football game and I put the kids to bed.After all he was sweet to let em go and workout on a football night. I took a bath with Priyasha in my huge oval bath tub. I smelled so badly after working out that I just needed to freshen up for the night. I took a spin class and almost died. It was just 30 min but it was the hardest one I have done in the last three weeks. The music was so loud thankfully and no one was able to hear me croak tot he music or groan. There were moments when I closed my eyes and pushed through it. It did cross my mind to quit but I stuck with it by saying that I would skip the second half of body sculpting. I can see a difference in my body and my clothes fit better so I had to push through the pain and I did the sculpting class as well. We used resistance bands , weights and a medicine ball. I have progressed from the 3 pound weights to the 5 pound weights. Yeah for me.
So when I tucked Pravan in I asked him what was the best thing about his day and what was the worst thing about his day.
His Best thing : Mommy you coming to school today. He really likes to have me in his class and I am enjoying that for as long as it lasts. I do think he will be one of those mama's boy type of kid. He will never ever want me to not be with him. Okay let me dream and believe that. It makes motherhood worth keeping as a job.
Before I tell you his worst thing I have to give you a history about why he said this. Firstly he forgot that it actually happened yesterday. Last night my husband saw him kneeling on the floor with his head in the cushions and he had real tears rolling down his cheeks. He was sad and clearly upset. My husband asked him what happened and he said " I don't want that to happen " Hubby was confused for a min but Pravan said he was talking about what the man said on TV.
Are you curious yet ? This is classically good and we could not help laughing when he went to bed. Hubby was watching 60 Min's and the show was about the Large Hadron Collider .Check it out here:
This a 17 mile wide circle 300 feet below the earths surface in the
Franco -Swiss border near Switzerland. It is a large project that involves a lot of scientists. Anyway you can read about this interesting thing and get a glimpse of what the world would be like when we have great great grandchildren assuming this works. I understand that it could transport you from one place to another like tele porting. Science fiction type of thing. Over my head for sure. Anyway not to alarm you but one of the safety issue was that it can open up and swallow the earth. That is what scared Pravan.
" Daddy I do not want it to swallow up the earth " while he sobbed. Hubby hugged him and assure him hat will not happen. Any other normal kid would accept that and move on. Not my kid. " How will the man stop it " Hubby said " He just will " " But how ? asked Pravan confused and concerned. As a last resort hubby says " The man will shut it off before that happens " That seemed to calm him down.
Worst thing in his day : " I don't want the earth to get swallowed up by that machine "
I was in the bedroom when all this happened. I just wish I had a picture of him crying like that. When hubby told me I could not help laughing and so did hubby. We off course reassured him and I hope he will forget about this soon.
Have a good night and thanks for stopping by.

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Nichole said...

LOL to, he will just shut it off. hahaha. BEFORE it swallows the earth or after??
You left the most wonderful compliment on my blog the other day, and this is the first time I could get through to your blog. I wanted to come over and say, thank you so much. And I would love to chat with you more. Are you on send me your url and we can send messages, and I would love to see your gallery and leave you some love. So you paper or digital scrap??
Have a great day.
Love your blog stories, they are hilarious!