Monday, December 15, 2008

winter wonderland

This morning Reno was covered in a white blanket. Pravan was scheduled to go to the Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory play at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. It was a field trip and we were not even sure if there was school. After watching the news we learned that there was no delayed start. I was surprised as there was a lot of snow. Well it is supposed to snow all week and we are in a winter storm watch.
I dropped Priyasha off with a friend and wanted to go on the field trip but it was cancelled. I was happy about that as the roads were not great for the kids to be on a school bus on the congested highway with poor visibility. Tonight we got an automated call saying that the field trip is
re-scheduled for tomorrow.It is going to snow all night and the chances of the kids going is pretty slim. Here are a few horrible pictures I took before I drove Pravan to school. I knew the buses would be delayed and I needed him to be safe as well.
I have so much to post and tell you all about but I am spinning my wheels this week. So much to do, so little time. I may have to share some stuff next year. I hope you all are striking off things to do on your list and preparing for the the festive season.Stay safe.
As you can tell it was snowing when I took these pictures. I will try to get better ones this week. Thanks for reading.
Free Spirit !

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Shirley said...

Love it, miss it. Thanks for sharing!!! Beautiful.