Monday, December 15, 2008

It is better to give than to receive

The best things in life are free….. Trying to tell a child that it is better to give than to receive is an extremely difficult thing to explain. I think that it was a job well done when these cub scouts got to go and sing Xmas carols to old folks at a nursing home. The kids were so happy to find someone to hand out their special ornament that they made and to hand out a decorated candy cane. That was special and they were happy to see that their kind gesture even though small brough a smile to a sad face. Xmas lights : $10 Xmas tree :$25 Toys : $100 Joy to someone else : PRICELESS That is exactly what all these adorable cub scouts did today. They spent their Sunday afternoon visiting a senior nursing home. There were so many sad lonely faces and once they saw the troops march in you could see their faces light up. Each and everyone of them has a story behind their wrinkled skin that marks their age. There seemed to be more woman than men but they are somebody’s daughter or son. They were somebody’s mother, father, sister or brother. They were somebody’s husband or wife. Somebody’s mother, father. Grandmother, grandfather and even maybe a great grandmother or great grand father. Whatever their story is and wherever their days have taken them they all seem to seek the comfort in each other that were strangers no too long ago. Pravan never knew what a nursing home was but now he knows. This was an amazing experience to us both. I find living in America and raising my kids such a joy and an eye opener through a child's eyes as I have never experienced so many things like this and I am blessed to experience it all with my wonderful kids mostly through their eyes for the first time right along with them and that is truly magical. The cubs sang their carols and then handed out ornaments they made and also candy canes to the seniors. Some of them were so happy to see us. They seemed hopeful and yet so lonely. When we talked with them they said they wished they would have family visit with them on Xmas. It brought tears to my eyes to see such loneliness in their eyes. I am glad the cubs got to do a good deed and their little sweet voices brought so much joy to these folks. I am so glad Pravan takes the cub scouts seriously and really enjoys it as well.

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Melissa S said...

I agree...and having the children do these service projects are extremely teaches them valuable lessons that just don't sink in with words...

I thought it never snowed in Reno???!

Shirley said...

What a great age to start learning about community service, Easperee. I wonder if that is the Senior Care Center right off of McCarran and a little bit South of where you live? When I lived on Plumas there was also one just down the street.