Friday, December 19, 2008

Cool sky on the local news

I sent this pic to John Potter the weather man at channel 2 news and he showed it on TV and mentioned my name and said I wrote bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! This was taken from the patio door to my backyard. i was still standing in the kitchen when I snapped this shot. You can see the black clouds approaching.It has been freezing lately.
That was so cool to see my pic on the local news. Todd suggested I take it and send it in and all this happened in just 20 min. 20 min from the time I took it to the time it was on the television screen. The beauty of technology!!!! I just love it. My heads is big can you tell. I sure could do this for a living.
Free Spirit !

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Shirley said...

How wonderful and how fun! I miss seeing the weather come over those mountains!