Wednesday, November 26, 2008

smitten by the kittens

Last night Pravan boy scout den was supposed to meet at the humane society. It was on the other end of town and it was very hard to find. Sadly only one other scout showed up. He had his sister with him and Priyasha tagged along as always. All the kids had a blast. I was overwhelmed. There were so many stray cats there. Surprisingly it was very clean and tidy in there. There was no smell at all. They had hand sanitizer at every cage so if we touched a cat we had to sanitize before we went to the next cage. They even had bunnies, gerbils, mice and rats. They sometimes have snakes and lizards as well. At any given time they house between 600-800 cats and 200-300 dogs. Isn't that crazy. I wish I could bring some cats home but I already have one. We have pepper and we had Salty who was eaten by the coyotes.
Pravan does not want to go back to the shelter as he thinks it is so sad to see the cats and dogs with no homes. Priyasha was sad when she saw the puppies. She told the man " the puppies miss their mommies " The man said " yes they do but they need new mommies now " It was so cute to watch the delight and excitement on the kids faces. I had a good time and can see why animals can be therapeutic to the elderly and the sick.
The Humane Society is a no profit organization and depend on donations etc. If you have kids please take a trip down there and have them experience this and maybe donate a bag of food or litter. It costs them about $100 to neuter each cat and dog. It is a non kill shelter and make sure every animal finds a home eventually which can take up to a year. They also have a large laundry are with lots of machines to wash the linen and beds. It is insane. I had never expected it to be what I saw. They also are looking for volunteers. If you can then this would be a good thing to do at least once. Just a thought.
Pepper. Yeah she is smart and usually does Pravan's homework.
Pepper is suprisingly a good hunter. She has no claws but still has her natural instinct as a hunter.
Salty was the neigborhood explorer. She roamed around and had claws so she was able to jump the fence. The one night she did not return home. On the way to the shelter Pravan said " I wish we see Salty there, maybe someone found her and took her there." It was wishful thinking. I do not think she was so lucky. Poor kitty !
Priyasha when she was 4 months old with Mia. This is my in laws cat in Vermont. Thanks for stopping by.


Anesha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It must have been very sad to not know what happen to your cat. It is horrible to loose a pet.
Have fun on your holiday.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Yep... I'm right there with Pravan...I don't like going to shelters because I feel so sorry for all the animals and want to take them ALL home with me!!
hugs, Jami