Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

GOBBLE ! GOBBLE ! Happy Turkey Day. As you read this we are driving to Los Angeles. We are on our way to Disney land.The kids are thrilled and so am I as this is my first trip except for the one in Paris. I made the kids a simple autograph book and I will post that next week with the autographs in them. Since we will be on the road today we had our turkey dinner on Sunday. I just could not go without turkey. There is only one year since Todd and I have be married in the past 10 years that we did not have turkey. That was in Nov of 2000 when Bush was elected the 43rd President. We were on a trip to Africa to break the news of our marriage to my family. We were married in April that year and it was a secret from my family until that trip. I remember being on the beach on Thanksgiving and reading about the President in the paper. Now you know why Pravan was wearing a Chefs hat while riding his bike in the previous post. He helped me baste the turkey and then went out to ride a little. Usually it is just us during the holiday season but I still cook a spread as I enjoy doing that. This year it was not very fancy as were not going to be at home for very long after this dinner. Priyasha is such a homemaker and insisted on helping a lot. Most time Pravan loves to be in the kitchen but on Sunday Pravan was reading and doing school work. He did help a little. Priyasha even helped me make the cranberry sauce. We also had time to do a craft. I searched around and sound some stuff to use to create a turkey. We painted a paper plate brown, cut out some feathers, beak and glued on eyes. I stapled the feathers onto the body and Pravan wrote down things he was thankful for and I wrote stuff down that Priyasha told me. Her first thing to be thankful for was the bird. She kept saying turkey, thankful for turkey. Boy am I thankful for turkey too. Can you imagine if the pilgrims gave a donkey or something as a peace offering Guess what we will all be eating ??? That's right ! I wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving. I will be away until next Monday. Next week I will have a ton of things to post. Stay safe !


Tracey said...

Sorry I missed you, I hope you and your family have a fabulous time in Disneyland, can't wait to see all the photos, take care XXX

Mireille said...

Love your blog, I was just north of Durban to stay a few days on the beach. Wonderful area you come from! Even more beautiful children you have!!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Your blog posts are so fun to read...I'm still laughing about the donkey!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
hugs, Jami