Thursday, November 13, 2008

absence explained, earthquake and loud jet sounds

Okay I have been away for a couple of days. This is a weird week. Hubby had Monday and Tuesday off and Pravan has a half day all week due to parent teacher conference week. Pravan has also not been feeling well. He has been coughing a lot but just at night. My snoring has been out of control and poor hubby has been getting no sleep between the two of us. As you know I hate getting to bed but I cannot get up in the morning. That is a battle that no one will win. There is no moment that I look forward to in my day than when everyone is in bed, I turn on my late night shows and often chill with a cocktail all by myself and my thoughts that have been begging for attention all day competing with the kids, lunch schedule, phones ringing, washer running and microwaves beeping , the dryer buzzing. When everything else is asleep I like to be awake and enjoy the quiet. Just me and my shows that make me laugh, cry, and smile. There is no better feeling to me after a long day with so many things competing for me. Hubby and I went on a nice date on Tuesday night. We went to a china Bistro and had a good time with no kids. yeahhhh !!!! We need to do that more often. Yesterday was busy I babysat a cute little girl in my neighborhood for four hours. I played with the girls and we did a turkey craft. I then had a friend drop by with her kids for a play date in the afternoon and after she left I had another friend stop by for dinner and to scrapbook. We had ham, green bean casserole and mash potatoes with gravy. We also had ice cream cake, chocolates and lots of it and a cocktail to top it all off. It was around 11pm when my friend left so I stayed up and played on the pc. I was rudely shaken, literally shake by a 2.7 earthquake. It was not a very big one but it was unexpected. It has been months since we felt one. I checked on the kids and hubby checked on me and everything was fine. This morning I noticed that a frame fell off the wall but the glass was fine. So things are slowly getting back to normal. I took a nice shower and then Priyasha comes screaming. " Mommy I scared, there is a storm outside ! " Okay so something was loud and if i had to guess it was a plane. I did not think anything of it but it got louder and louder and then I grabbed Priyasha as she was freaking out. I was too. I ran outside and just noticed a jet like plane flying on its side just above the houses. he was circling as though he was in the air races. Reno is known for the air races but that was over a while ago. I was livid as there were many reasons to be afraid. Some one has to answer and be held accountable. Gone are the days when we joked about possibly dying because a plane will crash into our house. Well it is happening and is no longer an unusual thing. EEERRRHGGGGGGGG!!!!! Does that sound right. Well I am pissed !!!!!! I called the Reno aviation and I was told it is being investigated and that others have called as well. Okay phone is ringing. Just got off phone and was informed it is a F8 fighter jet. I now have another number to call and get an explanation I will keep you posted.


Melissa S said...

Oh my goodness! That an awful experience..and I agree..with all the acts of terrorism and uncertainties..I too would be calling and complaining. Good for you for staying strong and following through.

Shirley said...

Oh my, you have made me homesick. I was born and raised in Reno. I lived there all of my life until 5, almost 6, years ago. I came to North Carolina to be near my grandchildren. I will be back to see more of your blog. I have to go to a doctor's appointment.