Wednesday, August 20, 2008

motivation strikes ....

Today I dragged out of bed and had no real plans for the day. I was exhausted just thinking how busy I have been and will be. It has been crazy. I made the kids waffles for breakfast and then I decided to clean. This was not just vacuuming the house. I re-arranged things and did white glove cleaning. I am not done but did a ton of work. Lately Priyasha has been hanging out of bed at night as she has a little toddler bed. It is adorable and most kids can stay in it for a while but she is restless and I decided to change things. I have a daybed in the scrapbooking room and we decided we would make that her bed. The frame is green so we will spray paint it white on Saturday and then redo her room. She loves strawberry shortcake and Dora. I already have Dora window treatments so I will get strawberry shortcake fabric and sew her a comforter. Yes more sewing projects for me. I disassembled the day bed and moved it across the house to her room. I may return the toddler bed to the mom I got it from if she wants it or I may pass it on. I then cleaned the dining room and moved stuff from there to the scrap room. That room is a disaster so that is another project waiting to be done. I finally finished painting a shelf I had started a while ago and hung it up in the kitchen. I am hanging little pails on it with pencils , crayons etc. The nook of the kitchen is the art center for the kids
I cleaned some more but still have a lot more projects to do. I also cleaned the hall counter tops and made that the science centre for the kids. Pravan got so many science kind of stuff for his birthday and he is going to have a blast playing and learning.
Oh yes I forgot we went to the pool for a few hours after lunch. We had a great time. Priyasha just got this new doll that can swim and we tried it out. This doll really swims on her own. She had another one that we left behind at the pool. I called that same t same day and they told me that they found it. When I went to pick it up they could no longer find it. I was not happy and neither was Priyasha. The manager said that she would pay for another doll . I could not find the exact same doll so we got this swimming doll. They paid me about $40 for it. I am happy about that. I could not justify $40 on this doll but now I can. It really is worth while. It is hilarious as it really swims and moves it head from side to side. The pictures do not justify it. It was a magnet not only to other kids but to other moms as well. I was quiet amused. Here are some shots.

Well it was a very productive day for us at the Landry household and tomorrow is going to be another crazy day.

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Tracey said...

Hi sweetie, stopping by to say hi, thanks for looking in to my blog, I love the little swimming doll - how cute and well done you getting all that cleaning and sorting done, makes me feel tired just thinking about it, hope your mum is doing well, take care and have a great weekend XXX