Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doctor Pravan

One of Pravan's strengths and interests in science and his fascination with the human body. For his birthday he received a lot of science stuff and I had to create a science corner. Well one of the things he has is a brain and I could not figure out where these blood vessels fit. The directions were not the most detailed and I was frustrated. Mr. Pravan's solution was to have Dr. Colombo his paediatrician help him. Luckily for him he had his appointment today and he brought his brain ( toy one and real one to the office. He marched in there with his own stethoscope as well. Since there was a long wait Pravan played with Lego's. He build what a another parent called the " Leaning tower of Sierra " The doctor's office is Sierra Paediatrics so It was funny. Dr. Colombo in my opinion is the best child's doctor ever. He is smart, patient and very informative. He returns my phone calls personally and arms me with all the info I need to any concern I may have. He always take his time with his patients and he is not a doctor with one foot out the door as you are asking a question. Today I had my doubts that he would help Pravan with the brain. After all his job was not to play puzzles with a six year old. His office was a zoo and it was super busy. I was blown away by his response to Pravan's request to help him. I tried to talk Pravan out of asking since they were so busy. I said well "Maybe Dr. Colombo will not know how to do it " He said " well he wouldn't have graduated from doctor school if he did not know. " The kid is just too smart for his own good. Dr. Colombo told him the names of all the parts and helped him connect it. He also let Pravan listen to his heart. If you live in Reno you have got to have him as a doctor. No , he did not pay me to say that. I just love him and his staff. He gives me peace of mind as a mom
Pravan also had to do an eye test , got measured and weighed.
He was not not thrilled when the doctor told him he will get a shot.Pravan got another chicken Pox vaccine today and as you can tell he was not happy. Priyasha was very comforting to Pravan but his misery did not last very long. He was actually quiet brave. It was more the anticipation of being poked that scared him than the actual shot. Who can blame him ? Even I am afraid of needles.
We then went to the toy store and Pravan got to use his birthday money and buy something called a Didj. I can now sync his school work into this hand held game and help him learn in a fun way. I cold not but the toy as it could not be released until Saturday. I was not happy as it was on the shelf. I called toys r us headquarters and complained. I was extremely angry with the store. The manager called the store and asked them to hold the item for me and they were to give me a 10% discount. It pays to complain but I was just mad that I would have to drive back there again as it is 20 min away.
We then headed back home. Priyasha fell asleep on the way home but today she did not sty asleep. I took the chance to leave the house again. We went to Pravan's school to meet his first grade teacher. Her name is Mrs Ferguson and we are happy with her and look forward to an exciting year.
Hope you had a much calmer day than I did. Take care !

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Melissa S said...

Looks like a future doctor in the making! How nice of your pediatrician to take the time...:) Hmm...I never thought to take the camera to the doctors...