Sunday, October 24, 2010

A quiet morning can only be wishful thinking..

Hello World
Yesterday I spent most of the day spring cleaning and as you know I love having a clean house. It makes me feel like I have control. Scattered toys, splattered toilets, crumbs on the floor, dishes and laundry drives me crazy. I took care of most of that yesterday so when I got up this morning I would have a relaxed morning. Ya right !!!
Well recently I have been put on mandatory rest and have been asked to slow down. I consciously have been going to bed around 11pm which is two hours earlier than my 1am lights off routine. This morning my wonderful husband let me sleep in until 9am in the hopes that I would not wake up Bitchy today as I did yesterday when he got me up super early to ask me a dumb question... aahhhh finally he did something right.
We had a good start to the day, I had a nice cup of tea while he sipped he coffee that was probably cold since he made it , What an hour ago...why do coffee drinkers sip that coffee forever ???? Pravan got his reading done for the day and Priyasha was happily playing pretend with her dolls. Todd finally sat on the couch and decided to take football of pause.. All of a sudden we heard Pravan screech.. " Mommy look at the trampoline !!!! "
This is the neighbors backyard. Notice their shed lost the roof...
Todd and I were in shock as this gale force winds lifted up the trampoline that was not staked down as we finally got grass, yes we finally got a backyard...that cost way too much for grass, so taking care of it by not staking a trampoline before the roots take to it's new surrounding was priority..
Todd runs next door to check it out... Thankfully there was no damage.
So we worked together as a team to get the trampoline back into out backyard...
I helped gather all the legs and just when we thought we were in the clear...
There was another gust of wind and the trampoline took off again... Missing hubby by inches. It landed back in the neighbors backyard.
Thank heavens we have wonderful neighbors and they were understanding and came out to help. Just as we got the trampoline over the fence , it blew right back into the neighbors yard. We then decided to leave the trampoline in their yard and weight it done with some wooden pallets.
All of these pictures are courtesy of my eight year old boy. He did a pretty good job taking these from the upstairs bedroom window. He takes after his mama... life through the lense...
So much for a quiet morning and this time I actually scheduled it in my day ****SIGH ***
Much love to you all


vaughandee said...

Wow, that is pretty crazy!!!

ERIN said...

holy toledo!!! sorry you didn't get your restful morning. Welcome back!!