Friday, June 5, 2009

Still alive and kicking

So how is everybody ???? Thanks for still stopping by. Life has been very crazy and there has been a lot going on. Here is a short list of all I have been doing.
**** Been very sick. All better now. Have two nodules on my thyroid glands but since they are so small it will be monitored for growth.
***** Been running the kids food campaign. That is going well and we still have several places that are hosting the barrels.Here you see the food drive truck picking up the barrels at the schools. He already had the barrels loaded from six different schools.I happened to see him at Pravan's school and we took some pics.
**** The princess is in gymnastics and that has been a great journey with a natural monkey for a child. I have so many more pictures that I will share in a upcoming post.
***** Been working out a lot more. I am now doing a hoop dance class. Yes I can dance and move, walk with a hoop. Great work out. Zumba is a Latin dance exercise class full of energy and a great workout.I am looking forward to the mastery Zumba class on Saturday at Gold's Gym on Longley Lane. If you are in the Reno area maybe you can stop by and join in on the fun. My best class is the trampoline class that kicks butt. I still doing my body sculpting with weights twice and week and now I will include water aerobics.My spin and body sculpt class is brutal and I swear I cried through part of it. It hurt and burned so bad but it is all good.
**** School is out now. Field trips, classroom time and homework has kept me hopping. Got two cute baskets made up for the teacher and an awesome school bus driver. Filled with yummy goodies and a great container they can use always. I am looking forward to no real other than my own. No more nagging in the morning or racing to catch the bus or packing creative lunches. OOOOHHH it feels like so much pressure is off. It will be a great summer with lots of fun stuff happening.
Priyasha had to hug his teacher too.
*** Cub Scouts has been great for the Prince. He is officially a wolf cub and graduated from a tiger cub. So exciting.It was a huge ceremony and deserves it's own post so be on the look out for that.
***** Been cleaning house from inside out. Every draw and room. Still a long way to go but it is looking better. No better feeling than recycling, reducing and re-using. I do not have pics of this as I have a long long way to go. Maybe the end of summer I can do a post on all my drawers. Yeah right that will be "Mission Impossible " or " Mission Accomplished " We'll see.
**** Been scrapbooking a lot more.
*** Changed and re-arranged all the kids furniture. Princess got a double bed. For being three she went from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed (twin size ) and now to a double bed. Luckily I had all these sizes available to me. For the full bed all I had to buy was a headboard. Pictures to come soon.
**** Moved kids folded shirts, pants from draws to hangers. Much easier, way neater and they can reach the new lower rod. Life is good. I actually enjoy doing laundry a little more.
**** had three four jobs. Quit the concession stands to work at the Bistro. I loved it there on the weekends. I still babysat for two different families and I still do that. I had to quit the bistro as it conflicted with the family schedule. I was pissy about that but I love my freedom and family time on the weekends. **** Been chatting with a nice young lady on the Internet who lives in Poland and has been teaching me how to make Kanzashi. It is a great way to make flowers out of ribbon squares. I will share that too in the future.
**** Planning a quilt for Priyasha's bed now.After going through about a hundred quilt patterns and books I think I found the right pattern. More to come on this later........
****The best thing ever is I have my new baby my D300 which I have been saving for these past two years. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband that supports me in having such an expensive toy. I love it and will show you some pics soon.
There are so many more things I have not mentioned but this combined left me with little time to use the bathroom and that created other issues that I will not mention here. So I have had to sit back and re evaluate my way of life. I am under control once more and will blog more often. I have so much to share with the world and all my loyal followers. Thanks for stopping by and reading about a day in life as a mom.
Free Spirit !!!!

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Melissa S said...

Holy Cow! That was a post!! Loved the pics..and I don't know how you do all of it. I am exhausted just reading about it. Glad though to have an update about you.