Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring and pump it up

Yesterday the kids were had a fun filled day. Early in the morning we went to a great place in Reno called pump it up. It was our first visit. A nice friend of mine who lives on my street invited the whole neighborhood to go and play. She won an auction and had to use up her voucher. What a splendid idea to invite all the kids for a massive play date. Thanks
Pump it up is a place where they have parties and open play on certain days. We had the whole place to ourselves and there was two rooms. We first watched a safety video and then we got to go to the first room to play. There was a basketball bounce house, an obstacle course and a climbing wall and a slide. The kids loved it. I was the big kid and got into the structures with my wonderful new D3oo and got some fantastic shots.
After about an hour or so we were directed to the next room. In this room there was another maze like obstacle course and a massive slide and also a battle arena. The kids had to slide down on mats if they wanted to and in the arena they wore a safety helmet and got to battle with another kid with this huge stick thing. Priyasha was too little but she had to check it out with her brother. The stick thing was bigger than her and she could not carry it. The helmet gave her a bad hair day and then about 30 seconds later she was done and off to the big slides. The boys were thrilled not to have a little princess ruin their rough play.
The prince all suited up.
Get off !!! This is not for girls.....
I want to try buder !!!!!!
Oh forget this !!!!!!!
This messed up my hair ....
All tuckered out and best buds again.
It has been raining in Reno for about two weeks. This is the most I have seen it rain in the last six years. We will no longer be in a desert if this precipitation persists. Today was the first clear day but this afternoon on my way to spin class we could see a storm brewing. The sky got darker and darker. We heard the thunder rumble and saw lots of lightning. When I left the gym we saw a double rainbow. In the two minutes it took me to get home the one rainbow disappeared.
The sun was out but it was a constant rain.I raced the whole one mile home to grab my camera. I found my wonderful husband with my camera in his hands taking some pictures from the back door. He was trying to get the lightning strike with the rainbow. My camera will do 8 frames per sec but he had no idea how to activate this feature.I could hardly stand watching him take pictures so I asked to have a turn. I actually got in the car and drove up a hill to get a better shot. It was still raining and I had to be careful . After the first shot I realize there was no memory card. I raced back home and got the memory card and raced back up the hill. In case you were wondering I was in the car and not running. I parked on the road several times and put my hazards on. I got out for a few seconds and snapped some shots. I had to be careful with
my new toy in the rain.
I snapped several shots and I have attempted to panoramic stitch the pictures to get one amazing shot. Here is my try. This is my first shot but I hope to keep trying this new technique. In the future I hope to get a wide angle 12- 24 mm lens so this type of pic will be easier than edited in photo shop. The rainbow was a nice way to end the day.
So prepare to see the worst attempt at a panoramic stitching. Pravan coached me and told me to be better than the best and if I keep practicing I will perfect it.Great advice from a six year old. I taught him well. I could have planned this better and taken better overlapping shots. I am not sure why there is a patch over where the pics meet. Oh well this was my very first try and I am okay with this result for now but the next one will be way better.
Thanks for stopping by. Please stop by to follow along the kids footsteps to get their first real pet. The cat we have does not count as that is my cat from when we were first married.Can you guess what they got ??? I will post that in a few days.
Free Spirit !!!!

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Hi there, it has been a while since I visited your blog, just stopped by to check your latest updates :-) Love the photo's from the playground, looks like fun!!! Take care,