Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patty's Day part two

We went to cub scouts tonight and it was a lot of fun. We sat in a circle and the first person whispered a sentence in the next person's ear.We kept doing it and the last person has to say it out loud. Almost every time the sentence was different. This was a lesson for them to understand that when a story is repeated it changes from person to person. All was well until we were leaving. Pravan was at the door and his friend was running toward him. Pravan decided to run toward his friend but his friend tried to turn around and run away.The timing was bad and the other kid's nose smashed into Pravan's head. He cried so loud and I was scared. There was a lot of blood and his mom came running. I felt so awful and helped to stop the bleeding. Pravan immediately apologised to me and ran away to hide in fear of being in trouble. Priyasha stood there and cried as well as the other kid was crying. The mom was nice and told me that boys will be boys. Pravan apologised to his friend and when we got home he called him and made sure he was okay. We sat down to a nice corn beef and cabbage dinner. My night is almost winding down and I am enjoying a glass of wine. Happy St Patty's Day !!!

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