Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho ! Ho ! Ho!

I have been away from the cyber world for a while now. I have been very busy since I returned from the Magical Kingdom. I still have to go through all those pics and edit and post. I more than likely will break it up into a series type of post and post a little and tell the story and the memories we made. Well this week has been one wild ride and Santa has been a busy chap himself. Our last day at Disney and I had a date with Priyasha and stayed behind later than the guys. On our walk back to Paradise Pier ( our resort hotel ) I took a short cut through a another hotel and Priyasha spotted Santa. We had to stop and visit with him. She was so happy sit see him. She could hardly contain herself when it was her turn. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her and crashed right into Santa's arms. It was so cute.
She hugged him a for good while and then asked to sit on his lap. It was real magical to watch her face light up. This trip was truly amazing. Not just seeing Santa but seeing the princesses and all the other characters. I was deliriously happy the whole time and I was the biggest kid. It was my first time too. I just love Disneyland now.
Priyasha was busy asking Santa for what is on her wish list.
I love this intense look they both have.
Pravan was not with me but when we went back to our room I alked hom into walking across the street with me. He had no idea what he wanted so I asked him to think about it as we walked together hand in hand in the dark. When we got there he told me that he knew what he was going to ask but it was a secret.
Santa says " What do you want for x-mas young man ? "
Pravan responds " I think ..... "
He thought about it for a minute as I stood there clicking away trying to get a good shot of them together.
Finally Pravan says in a loud voice " I want five thousand bucks !!!!! "
I almost fell over laughing so hard.I am not sure where he heard the word bucks from and then to ask Santa for that in an economic crisis no less. The look Santa gave me was priceless. I laughed so hard and I was not alone laughing either. We had quiet the audience and he was not quiet about asking.
Santa said :" hhhmmhh what will you do with all that money ? "
He then whispered something in his ear and looked at me and told me
" I told you it is a secret mom "
Santa said " I have that kind of money but I need it to buy parts for all the toys that my elves are making for all the little boys and girls, what else would you like ? "
Pravan said " That's all I want for x-mas and it will make me happy "
At this moment it was still a secret to me and I was not sure what they were talking about.
Pravan then got off Santa's lap and I asked to have my picture taken with Santa as an excuse to hear what the secret was.
Santa said " You have raised a very thoughtful young man, he wants too use the money to buy you the camera and all the accessories for it for
x-mas " That was a huge compliment coming from Santa.
That so precious and completely melted my heart. I really reduced me to tears. I could not believe he asked Santa for something for me. What makes it even more sweet is that he wanted it to be a secret and did not ask for anything else for himself.
I then asked one of Santa's elves to tell Pravan that he will get a bonus gift at an unexpected time as he is so sweet and thinks of other people. As we walked outside Pravan asked to see the pictures on the camera so we sat on a bench. He immediately found a light saber which is what he has been secretly wanting. He was so thrilled. He grabbed it and yelled out. " The elf told me I will get a surprise gift from Santa and this is it ! " i just hugged him and told him that all good deeds are rewarded and his was not going unnoticed by Santa. He believes. Do you ???? Thank you for stopping by and reading my blurbs. I have so many more magical moments to share and will do so in the next few days. Come back to see more good stuff.


Tracey said...

Your children are a credit to you hon - what a wonderful thing for Pravan to ask for, you must be very proud XXX

Shirley said...

First let me say that is the greatest looking Santa I have ever seen and his personality and quick thoughtful questions for the children is also perfect. Too bad it wasn't filmed on your camera. They were adorable.