Monday, November 10, 2008

SheetLoad's Blog Candy Blow Out

I spend a lot of my time late at night blog hopping. That is my way of winding down. I have so many blogs saved to my favorites but sometimes never go back. There are others that I visit everyday. This one I stumbled upon from another. See I start at one then I click on the links they have and read the one that took my fancy but the second ones has links as well so I move on and on and on it goes. I eventually loose track of where or what I was looking for. Well it is the cheapest way to travel after all. I go to so many places all over the world and I love it. Tonight this blog is offering some blog candy just for blogging about it. I never win but what the heck. So if you are stopping by because I blogged about this then please do me a favor and send my kids a postcard. See the top of my blog for more info that you can add this link to your blog and you can get my address at this link as well.

Thanks for helping me out on my mission and I hope to win these goodies. I love Heidi Swapp and clear stamps are one of my weaknesses.

Check out this fun site at :


NAME: dawn-in-nz said...

Hi from Down Under
I use Google Reader to read all my favourite blogs, have you tried it? It's so much easier as all you do is load that in and it has all your fav blogs listed and you just read the ones that have been updated since you were last on them without leaving Google Reader.

Bonnie said...

That's exactly what I do too. It seems as if I live on my computer from reading from blog to blog. Forget about housework as such.