Thursday, November 6, 2008

Postcard update

I want to say thank you to all those people that have promised to send a postcard and also those that already have. I would love to see more of you send us some. I know life is busy but if you can find a minute to help that would be great. I look forward to hearing from you. Please send me an e-mail esplandry@sbcglobal to let me know where you are sending one from. If you can please post a link to my blog on your blog ( ) or forward this request in an e-mail so we can reach lots of people. Thank you Thank you for helping. We have been receiving postcards in the mail and it is a very exciting thing not only for the kids but for my husband and I . Yesterday I got one from Dawn in NZ. She is part of my photo challenge blog. Check out her blog here :
The Auckland postcard had lots and lots of different stamps with different values on them. The stamps had different pictures of NZ on it and it was very cool. The kids loved all the stamps. Thank you Dawn.
We also got one from Lauren Smith from Omaha NE:
Ne is known for the Cornhuskers football team and has the Henry Doorly zoo. They also host the college world series every year. These are all things the kids and I learnt from that postcard. Thank you Lauren.
Updates from the responses I got. I am posting the names of the scs gals and what they have offered to send. Duplicates are welcome. Please write on the postcard and postmark it as the stamp will be an added bonus. Everyone will have different facts about the place that it comes from. Thanks for all your support.
SCS Gals
okstamper: Texas, Minnesota, kansas, Missouri, California, Oklahoma
ibaa4food: Puerto Rico RECEIVED 11/04
Bflostamp : Niagara Falls Canada, Buffalo NY, Scotland, Mexico
Metalcharm : Australia
thegmommy : California, India
jaltman1978 : Illinois, Indiana
tayransom : Florida
cyber friends and old friends
Nicole Raidoo : Australia RECEIVED
Kimberley Jacobs : Australia
Kamenthrie Naick : England
Dawn: Auckland New Zealand RECEIVED 11/05
Lauren Smith : Omaha Nebraska RECEIVED 11/05
I will take pics of the kids and the cards this weekend. Then I can share the images on the postcard with you all. I hope you can play along and send us a postcard as well. Please see the following link for my address.


Tracey said...

Hi hon - so sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, thanks for all your lovely comments - always nice to see your name on my email notifications, I love your pumpkin carvings, they were much better than mine lol and the new slideshows of the childrens photos are fab, we wanted Obama to win too - yayyyyyy, have a happy weekend hon ,take care, much love XXX

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Such a fantastic project! Can't wait to send one from Vancouver Canada. :O)