Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Challenge # 23 make over

In my photo challenge group we have the opposite challenge from last week. Last week was click and post with no editing and this week we can dress and doll the image in any way we choose. This for me is a huge challenge. Photo shop is very complex and intimidating to me. It is a steep learning curve and I am learning but still very confused. Here is my entry. I duplicated the image. Turned it black and white. Copy and pasted and then erased to reveal the flowers. I then used an action set downloaded from
I used Aly's vintage set. I then used the sharpen tool to add sparkle to the eye and the burn tool to deepen the eye color. I also used the burn tool on the lips. See I told you I was confused. Don't know what I did and not sure if I like it but this is what I have done. Please leave some constructive criticism. i was really hoping to have her lip color show through and deepen it so it looked a little like lipstick but not too deep. If you know how please e-mail me directions.
I love when the kids pick me dandelions and this was last week on our walk in the park. Dandelions are very special as they are the first flowers a child picks for theirparents and every year on mother's day my kids pick me dandelions. That may sound strange but it really is from them. Daddy did not give them money or take them to a store to but me some. They had a blast running around on the grass scooping up every yellow dandelion they could find and the pure joy they have and the simple pleasure of watching them is priceless. I just love it. With that I will share this poem I found on the internet. It is very touching and I love it.
The dandelion who wanted to see the world Once there was a dandelion who wanted to see the world. It may seem strange to you that a dandelion should have such notions. But consider her situation. A small circle of leaves in the middle of a large lawn, all she had ever seen was the dirt beneath, a forest of grass all around, and a patch of sky above. This didn't satisfy her. She didn't know what else there was to see, but she was sure there must be something. And she was determined that sooner or later she would discover it for herself and she certainly tried. The thought naturally came to her quite early that she should grow her leaves above the surrounding grass. Then she would be able to see whatever there was beyond her immediate neighbourhood. And this she tried to do but every week something terrible happened. Perhaps you could help with the sound effects. We need the noise of somebody trying to start up a rotary mower. It's a bit like a sneeze? Ka-CHOO-hoo . . . . . . . Ka-CHOO-hoo . . . . . . . Ka-CHOO-kata . . . . . . . Ka-CHOO-kata . . . And then suddenly the mower comes to life. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . . . . . Those were the sounds that brought awful fear to the heart of the dandelion. For a while the noise would keep its distance: Brrrrrrrrrrrr . . . . . Then it would come close and very loud: BRRRRRRRRRRRR . . . . . Then it would move off again. But always, at last, it would happen. A shadow would suddenly come over her. There would be a whirring and a smashing and a mangling in the midst of incredible noise. A second later, when it was over, her leaves were gone, and she had been chopped back to the level of the ground. It was a dreadful experience. For two days afterwards the dandelion would be in a state of shock. Then, when she began to get her wits back, she would say to herself: "Why do I bother?" But then she would take courage and begin all over. She would send up young leaves and try again. And then, one week, it didn't happen. The horrible noise didn't start up. Her leaves were allowed to grow higher than they had ever gone before. The reason for that, though the dandelion didn't know it, was that the family had gone off for their summer holiday. All she knew was that this time no dreadful shadow descended on her to chop and crush and mangle. She pushed her leaves higher, and she saw things that she had never seen before. She saw other growing things besides blades of grass. She saw flowers in beautiful colours. She saw shapes that we would recognise as fences and sheds and houses. It was all very exciting, even if a little bit hard to understand. With great daring, she then began to do something she had never done before, something she had only just realised she could do. She sent up a stem with a bud on the end. "Goodness," she thought, "I'm going to have a flower! I wonder what colour it will be!" When the flower opened she found she was a beautiful golden yellow, and she was pleased. Now she could see all sorts of things, and she just wished she could go to explore them more closely. The fence, the house, the flowers, even moving things - butterflies and birds, cars passing beyond the fence. It was all very strange, and a bit confusing. But it was wonderful. After a while the petals of her flower began to dry up, shrivel, and fall away. But the dandelion didn't mind that. Because she suddenly realised there was something else she could do, something else she could become, just as lovely in its own way as the flower. Soon, on the end of the stem where the flower had been, there was a marvellous round, white, fluffy ball. It was about that time that the family came back from holiday. "Goodness!" Father said, as he stopped the car in the driveway. "The very first thing I must do is put the mower through the lawn." "Oh look!" said one of the children, "There's a dandelion!" She ran over. The dandelion found herself plucked from the ground and lifted high. The child blew. The downy seeds danced away on her breath . . . . And the dandelion was free at last, free to travel in a hundred directions. She was off to see the world. Evan Lewis
The simple pleasures in life should define childhood and every child should enjoy the dandelions. There is no harm in the growns joining in on the fun.


ERIN said...

I think you did a great job editing. Photoshop can be very intimidating. I have started using picasa for quick edits. It's a little more user friendly.
I love all the flower pictures too. What a fantastic way to have some family time.

Nichole said...

ok, first of all, love the dandelion photos!!!!! I love that you value dandelions from your children!!! (i love dandelions too)

Now onto the photo. you actually did a really good job.
There is a much easier way.
actually, I'll pm you. it will be easier that way! lol!!

don't igve up, pse is complicated at first, but once you get a coupel of things, it becomes so easy you have no idea. And then you become addicted and can't do without it!!!!! take it form an addict!

BearFamily said...

Great coloring on the photo. Love it!

anabellpepper said...

so cute!! I love all of the photos you took!! They are so fun!

Helen said...

I think you did a great job!

Wendy said...

You did a fantastic job! Don't get frustrated a little here and there and you'll do just fine! Glad you were able to leave your comfort zone!
Love the story of the dandelion and all the family photos!! Looks like y'all had a beautiful day!

Jopke... said...

Totally love that picture of the little girl with the yellow flowers. Great editing!

Jorinde said...

Love how you left the flowers yellow, great editing!

Val said...

fantastic work on the edited shot!
I love those shots anyway! lol

Connie said...

They turned out good. I don't have photo shop, I just use what came with my computer called photo explosion. I think if you go to YouTube just type on the search box like how to do stuff in photo shop and people might have videos on it.