Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the making

A very nice gentleman pulled over and offered to take our picture. Sign outside public library On the side of the road. At the clubhouse in my development. Notice the snow on the mountains. It was a very cold day and my son decided not to wear a jacket. That was one battle I chose not to fight this morning. Suprisingly he was not cold. Today will mark a memorable day in History and we all get to be a part of it. My kids will grow up and may never remember this unless I can do something to change that. That is exactly what I did. I too them out today to see the voting booths and also see the political signs on the side of the road. They have watched the presidential debates on TV and they have heard so much. They obviously have very little or no idea about how important this day is. Pravan understand there will be a change of presidents but still there is so much more to it than just replacing who is in the white house. I was nervous taking their pictures with the signs today as the motorists that passed by honked at us. For good reasons and in support I am sure. I guy went out of his way and pulled over and offered to take pics of me and the kids together. I thought that was so sweet. Well this morning we got up to snow on the ground and it has been a dull, gloomy, cold day and it has sleeted on and off. I went to the gym and I am in my hot pink tracks today. Someone had to brighten up the day and it was me today. I am so proud of myself for keeping up with the workouts at the gym. Anyway it will be a long night as we watch the results and see what the future holds.
If Obama wins we make history as he will be the first African American President ever. If McCain wins he will be the oldest president and we will have the first woman vice President. Well today will be a truly memorable day and these will be great shots to share with my great great grandchildren and all the ones before and after. You know what I mean.
View of mountains outside my house.
This is what the booths look like where you vote.
This sign was on a busy street and it was unsafe to get the kids out.
At the clubhouse. It was very quiet but they expect to get busy when people get out of work.
I just had to be a part of history. Thanks for stopping by.


Melissa S said...

That was a great idea to take pictures of the are right...either way it ends is history in the making..

Nichole said...

I must tell you, I love your attitude about this election. Your right, it's not who gets into the white house, It's history in the making. You are teaching your kids a wonderful thing with this. Its such a nice change from all the crap your hearing about this election right now, on blogs and on the news.
So thank you.

KC said...

OH I totally agree.. this is a historical night for sure.. and Im glad to be a part of it.. exciting no matter who wins..
I love your pictures and how wonderful that someone pulled over to take the pic of you and the kids together.. what a great shot to have..

christina ina said...

Yay Obama! I voted for him too. I also posted a picture for today's election.

Fran said...

I remember standing in the booths with my Momma when I was little as she voted. Standing in long lines and whinnig about it her telling me how important it was. She let me flip the switchs to vote for who she picked. You GO MOMMA!! I kinda played

Fantastagirl said...

As long as you vote, in ANY election, you will be part of history! Please instill that in your children - so that as adults they will not sit back and let others make the decisions that greatly affect their lives!