Monday, October 20, 2008

When it rains it pours

No it is not raining in Reno. Well mother nature got a tap on her shoulder and was reminded that she skipped fall and it did not please too many of us. These last few days have been beautiful. We finally have fall colors. The trees along my street have lovely reds, yellows and brown. This is nothing close to the east coast display of colors but mother nature sure can out on one spectacular show of colors.
We walked about half a mile to the new playground that was just built in the golf community where we live. I pulled the wagon with Priyasha and Pravan rode his scooter. Hubby had the morning off to watch football. I in return got the afternoon off and escaped to the scrapbook stores to work on some layouts. Anyway for about a week now my washer has given up and decided not to work. This has happened before and I google the FL error message on my Calypso and gave my hubby directions on how to fix it. We had to tip the washer and look under it and then drain he pipes. As we did that the previous time we discovered that the under wire form on of my bras was stuck in there and created the flood issue. Well we removed that along with some little socks. So yes the washer does really eat socks. If you have some missing then look in the pipe in the washer. Well this time we tried that and we literally had water all over the laundry room. It took three hours to drain the pipes and the water tank. We had to unscrew the hose drain a little , screw it back on and then empty out the pail and repeat. It was back breaking work that sweet hubby took on. We then thought it would be okay and ran the washer again. Well we have the same error message. Now hubby is pissed and exhausted. Luckily for us we have another washer in the garage. We need to drain the washer tonight and make the switch. As if that was not enough today I discovered that the garbage disposal in no longer functioning. Last night I knew I heard a weird sound as I did the dishes. Well I realized there was a plastic fork down the drain and the crunching sound I heard was that fork breaking. Now I will have two issues to fix in order to have a working household again.
Also the gifted and talented group at the school district called and they are going to test Pravan in the spring. If he passes at 98% he will be a part of this intelligent group of kids. I am not sure if I should be excited but I am extremely nervous. I am so nervous about his success in school and life it drives me insane. I feel so consumed with the kids. Well I am so happy when they are happy and when they are successful. I also teach them that mistakes are okay because without them we can never grow or learn.
I did get my workout in this morning as well as hiked on a small mountain close to my house. It has been a busy day. I cooked Indian food for dinner tonight and will make some roti to go with it. All in a day's work. This will be a busy week so I will post more as I find time. Thanks for reading.

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Melissa S said...

Indian food! Yum! I just ate a samosa!